Sunday, August 24, 2008

Santa Fe Indian Market Part 1

We decided to come to Santa Fe because we heard that the annual Indian Market was this weekend. To fully enjoy it, we went both yesterday and today.

WOW, what an experience.

First let me say that we have pretty much avoided large crowded venues for the last three years, so we were just a bit nervous that this might be a bit too much.

To our delight, the weather yesterday was just perfect, about 78 degrees. While it was crowded, it was never shoulder to shoulder. We were always able to see everything we wished. It was perfect.

Today, it was a bit clouded over. After a bit the heavens opened up with a true New Mexico gullywasher, but you know what? We didn't mind a bit, we just got wet. While others were huddling in doorways and under canopies, we just walked and enjoyed ourselves. The only problem we encountered was how squeaky my shoes got when they were wet. If you wear Crocs, be aware, when completely soaked, you'll sound like a duck walking down the road. If that's the worst problem I encounter, how lucky am I?

I have a lot of pictures to share which I'll put up in the next couple of blogs. Not much text, mostly images, and far too many for one blog entry. For now, I'll just give you a shot of the trees above the plaza in Santa Fe. Be sure to click for a larger image.

More to follow. . .

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