Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crane Crazy

Uhmm, what have we been up to?

Not a lot, reading (I'm currently running through the work of James Rollins), cooking, daydreaming and of course, taking pictures of cranes.

If you're out at the right time of day
and continue to shoot,
the color seems to change by the second.

And I just got myself a fish eye lens for the new camera.
I'm not very skilled at using it yet. but it's a lot of fun
All of Cholula Red in one tiny shot . . .

For a couple of years now
I've been trying to get a decent shot
of the wrap around windows in the back of our rig.
Finally Success!
(and pardon all the camera gear on the bed)

I find I'm still fascinated
with the 18 times zoom on the FZ-28
This was taken right outside of the rig

And this was taken from exactly the same spot.
I like how you can see the holes in the metal

And of course I have to include
a wonderful New Mexico sunset

That's it for today, I was just checking in!

1 comment:

photowannabe said...

New Mexico is certainly an artists paradise. The colors of the sky and water are stunning. What a way to live!!