Sunday, January 11, 2009

Harvest Moon

More Pictures!

We have a soft spot for Socorro. It has a nice Smith's Supermarket, a college with a lovely campus, a great Thrift Store and an extensive Library. While we were at the Library yesterday, I noticed a large tree in their courtyard and took this photo.

Last night I looked out the window
and saw that we were gifted with a full Harvest Moon.

I rushed outside with the camera.

The sky was an incredible lavender pink color
which I was sure wouldn't last long.

These colors are so amazing.
I can't remember seeing these colors
in nature ever before in my life.
Or maybe my memory is going?
For whatever reason
I am in awe of the New Mexico skies.

This windmill is right behind our campsite.
Even though the moon appears quite small,
I know the yellow orange of it's glow
contributed to the colors in the sky.

Remember to click on any photo to see a larger image.

Since I had forgotten my tripod,
these aren't the clearest of pictures.
Realizing my limitations,
I decided to try for some shots
where sharpness
wasn't the most important element of the photo.

My "Arty" shots, as it were

This is just a bit of a wider shot
than the previous one.
I couldn't decide which one to post,
so I've included both of them.

I tried to move in for a closer shot
of this yellow moon through the trees.

Just a slightly different angle.

This was my best shot of the naked moon

One minute the sky was this color

Within just moments it went to blue

And then it was dark

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photowannabe said...

Some of your very best Kate. They are the definition of your phrase Life is Good.