Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

We're finally here at Bosque del Apache, and it is glorious.

We got up early to go see the sunrise. It was like it was just for us, Spectacular!

Unfortunately, my pictures are not so spectacular, many noisy and out of focus. It looks like I'm going It have to break down and read the manual for the FZ28 . . .

So bear with me on these photos. I'm mainly posting them for memories of a wondrous sunrise.

if you want the best image, you really do need to click on each photo for a larger image, since they're not my best shots.

Just as the sun was beginning to show off on the east

This shot is straight out of the camera,
and it doesn't even do justice
to this morning's sky

We couldn't believe this was a sunrise

A similar picture, but a longer shot

As the sun rose, the skies changed
from deep orange
to an ethereal shade of pink

This is a flock of white snow geese.

They just look like flamingos
because the sun is such a luminous color

I really shouldn't include this photo,
it's noisy and out of focus,
but I loved the look of the cranes.

We are so pleased to be here with all these thousands of beautiful birds, hopefully my pictures will improve . . .

But perfect pictures or not, Life is Good

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Barbara said...

Kate, your photos are beautiful! And we wish we were with you there at Bosque. I need to try out the Christmas gift that Santa brought me - image stabilizing binoculars! Ever since I tried yours Thanksgiving 2007, I've yearned for a pair. Thank you for sharing them and for sharing all your wonderful photos!

--- Barbara (who promises to finally update our blog this month)