Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets

Just a quick entry today.

Regular readers know I love to cook, so I thought I'd share two of my very favorite kitchen gadgets.

I thought I'd get all fancy schmancy and take a picture. I liked the composition but after I had it posted and included here I noticed how dirty my window is!

My bad, so apologies.

The first goodie is my wooden lemon reamer. I just love lemons, they're so very versatile. Also quite good for you. I like them squeezed in my water, they're great in your chicken marinade and I also like just a little squeeze over my veggies.

For a long while, I went from squeezer to squasher to whatever, but I swear, this simple wooden reamer does the very best job. It gets all the juice out of any citrus, cleans quickly and easily (but don't soak it in water, just rinse clean). And it sells for just about $5.00, a great deal.

Next is this little knife. As a person who likes to cook, knives are a big deal. Since I have a smallish kitchen, it's been a struggle to find the right knives that do several things very well.

I first came across this knife in my friend Luke's kitchen and knew it was one I had to have.

It's called a bird's beak knife and it is absolutely the best little peeler, parer, veggie, fruit knife you'll ever find. And it's a Henckel's knife! After using Luke's I was afraid it would cost a lot, but I knew needed this knife.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find it at Bed Bath and Beyond, in a blister pack along with two other Henckel's knives for just under $10.00. I really suggest you pick this one up. The first time you put it in your hand and use it, you'll understand why I like it so much.

And it's great for cleaning up your Brussels Sprouts before you roast them.

That's it for today, I told you this would be a quickie!


photowannabe said...

I like the looks of that knife too. I may have to go scope it out.
Close the curtain, then you won't have to look at the window. Actually I don't see any dirt. Perhaps I'm too used to looking at mine! LOL.

Tash said...

I like the colorful trivet(?) too - and the different textures of the wood and the steel. Nicely composed photo. Thanks for coming by to see the BIG bear.