Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Blog, and Uh, More Cranes!

I just wanted to share with all of you that my sweetie Terry has started his own blog!

He's not really up to date on the whole computer/internet thing, but I've convinced him that this would be a great place to showcase his photographs.

I'm so proud!

For starters, he's decided to join the ABC Wednesday group, so that way, he can post at least once a week and get comfortable with this whole uploading pictures and blogging thing.

If you'd like to take a look at his new blog, simply click here.

And now, because I've become Crane Crazed, here's a few more shots.

I think the lead bird in this line is the rare Snooty Crane!

The Bosque is a managed preserve,
which means they plant and flood
and generally manage the whole area.

But no one can manage these skies,
they just happen!

Another group out for a stroll

I took this in black and white,
then added a small bit of sepia tone.

Remember to click any photo for a larger image.

The water here is so still,
it's hard NOT to get great reflection shots.

And as the sun begins to set
yet another silhouette.
This reminds me of those 1930s paintings

One more reflection shot,
it looks like rain, but the showers never came

I love it here . . .


photowannabe said...

That first shot should be titled "Walk this way" I love the way the leader has his nose...beak in the air.
Joined Terry's blog too. Now you are a blogging family. Great stuff.

RuneE said...

Welcome to the club! Birds in a Blog must be as good as B as any, and the pictures of the Birds are better than my, anyway.