Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do You Read This Blog?

OK, here's my plea.

Do you read this blog on a regular basis?

I've tried many times to figure out who and what my readership is. I see how many people look at the blog, and I occasionally have people comment on a specific entry.

But I really don't know who or what my core readership is. I can see that I average about 100 hits a day, but who are these people? Some of them are faceless hits lasting less than five seconds, but many seem to be returning readers.

When I last asked this question, I received some comments, which were greatly appreciated, but I have to admit, I'd really like to know who you are.

If you are a regular reader, would you mind signing up as a follower of this blog? That way, I would get a chance to see who you are. And if you have some sort of web presence, it would give me a chance to get to know you a bit better.

All you have to do is look to the right of the content, and you'll see the Followers link. Click on it and you're following this blog and I will get a chance to know who you are!

Also, if anyone would like to comment, do you read this blog for RV info? I realize that has been a bit short lately, but I have to admit, I'm clueless as to what people are looking for when they come here.

Is it cooking and recipes (something that has been woefully short of late, since they feed us here at Ghost Ranch)? Campsite information? Solar info? Photography? My mindless blathering (most doubtful)?

I'm really curious.

While you're at it, if you shop on Amazon, I'd appreciate it if you'd order through my link (at the top right hand side of the page). By clicking on the "click here" button, I get a small percentage (4%) of your purchase and it adds nothing to your cost. And if you'd rather not, that's fine also.

In closing, here's the picture of the day, taken right from my front door here at Ghost Ranch.


Anonymous said...

I've tried to join as a follower but failed about six times. What's the secret?
Anne Johnson (puzzled!)

Melinda said...

I am a newish reader that just browsed over a few weeks ago following a link in a comment you left at Suzanne McMinn's blog.

I enjoy your photography and the idea of a life on the move. I'm pretty firmly teathered to my life here in Eugene, Oregon where I have my own business. Your blog helps me dream!

Julie and Lisa said...

I just like your observations (and photos!). Not looking for anything specific, except a fellow "Life Is Good" fan's voice.

Sistertex said...

Yes I do read your blog. I like the photographs and of course the living in the RV angle of things.

I have joined your followers now, perhaps you can join my followers as well! I too get a lot of hits each day but don't know who they are. I can understand you being curious because I am too!

(All you need to do is click on followers just as I did on your blog.) Thanks Kate!


Jesse said...

I read via Google Reader. I mostly like looking at your pics.

Jonna said...

I love your blog cuz I love you and Terry! also the pics, and the writing and even the occasional recipe. I'm not joining the followers though as I don't see the point of it, I also read you through an RSS reader (Brief for Macs) perhaps that's why the following thing seems useless.

goodword said...

Kate, I read your blog coz I like your writing style & topics, photos, recipes--and you! I'd enjoy more RV stuff, but I like your blog just fine the way it is.

=marian, at Lake Powell, heading for the mountains of Colorado, then planning to visit Ghost Ranch ~Aug. 8-10 on our way home--very sorry that we'll miss you

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how I got to your blog, but it is wonderful. I am some what envious of your lifestyle, and enjoy reading about your experiences. Your photos are great. One day I might run away from home and come to the Ghost Ranch. JeannieB

Jimbo said...

I have been following your blog for several years now. I started with Andy Baird and continued from there. I am a wannabe fulltimer and hope to start shortly after I retire next year. I like your blog for several reasons including photography, your Lazy Daze improvements, solar cooking and New Mexico. I just like to see what fulltimers do and where they go. Keep up the good work.