Monday, July 20, 2009

the Saturday Night Art Show

Ghost Ranch is a number of things to many people, but one of it's main functions is as a learning facility.

There are any number of classes offered at different times of the year. Right now, the art classes are in full swing. After having observed the results for several weeks, I've come to the conclusion that the teachers here at Ghost Ranch are of a superior caliber.

Classes start on Tuesday mornings and run through Fridays or Saturdays (teachers choice). Some classes run six hours a day, some longer, but people are free to continue working on their projects right up till Saturday afternoon.

Then they have to stop, because on Saturday night we have an Art Show.

I have to say, every week I'm more amazed than the week before. To see what dedicated people can achieve in five days or less, under the tutelage of a superb teacher, is a constant amazement.

For most folks, this is their first attempt at their chosen pursuit. Since I believe that pictures speak louder than words, I'll show you some examples from last weeks show.

These were my two favorite
stained glass pieces.
By now, you might be
familiar with Pedernal,
the peak that dominates the local landscape.
I thought the small piece on the left
was a perfect representation.
Simple, yet commanding,
just like the mountain itself.

The colors and shapes
of the Sun piece were perfection

There's a class called Art Welding.
When I first heard of it,
I had no idea,
but these folks turn out
the most amazing pieces.

Who could imagine
that basket weaving
could be taught on such a level
in such a short time?

they speak to me in a special way.
I love the color and texture.
Black and white film photography.
Definitely interesting,
but I don't think I can be tempted
away from the digital world.

The beading,
Can you believe
a person can go
from beginner to this
in just five days?

Silk painting.
These were my very favorite pieces
of the whole show.
Make sure to click to enlarge
to really enjoy the details.
I can't be in the Art Show,
so I'll include just one of my shots

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judilyn said...

Hi Kate - I had no idea that these classes could be taken there. Something for me to remember. I'd love to come do that. I have no artistic talent, but it looks like I might be able to produce something lovely with some instructions.

Sounds like you are loving it there - I don't blame you. It sounds and looks wonderful.

Virtual hugs,