Monday, July 6, 2009

Nothing is So Consistant as Change


What a couple of days!

We took a short ride the other day, and I'd love to show you lots of pictures, but they're not ready yet. I do have this one shot that I caught by accident.

Remember to click to enlarge,
the detail is pretty swell.

Last night, we went in search of some moon shots, none of which turned out. I dumped most of them, but I kind of liked this shot.

It was taken from the moving car
as we were out on a back road
looking for shots.

As we were going to lunch this noon, I spotted Lady out in the alfalfa field. This sweet horse is over forty years old. The story goes that her owner was over ninety and could no longer take care of her, so he donated her to Ghost Ranch.

Now she lives the good life.

Take a good look at the lovely skies
in the previous photo.
This next shot was taken
just a short while later.
Note the small creek in front of the rig.

Now note the rather large river,
running down the road
in the back of the rig.
You can't see it
but we were also gifted with hail.

And then in just a few minutes,
it was gone.

Oh, we had some mud and puddles,
but really, it looked like it had never happened.

And that's life in New Mexico, and Life is Good.

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photowannabe said...

Pretty magnificient butterfly and the "flight of the storm". You just have one photo opp. after another.