Friday, July 24, 2009

My Camera

I'm still reeling from yesterdays news, but I wanted to do a quick post on my camera.

I get lots of inquiries about my camera and what I'm shooting all these pictures with.

For the record, it is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28, and it has recently been announced as out of production. With that news, the price has shot up and now, it's selling for hundreds more than I paid for mine.

Let me say that this is THE finest camera I have ever used, though I'm not a professional by any means. It's not a DSLR, but it's darn close. It has a sharp Zeiss lens, an 18 times Optical Zoom (incredible), wonderful image stabilization software and it weighs hardly anything at all.

Since I've been selling photos here at Ghost Ranch, everyone assumes I'm shooting with film or at least a $1000 plus DSLR, but it's just this little beauty that I use.

One day I was out shooting, not really paying attention, and my battery died. I had a moment of extreme panic, thinking I would lose the use of this camera.

It was then that I put the link you see on the far bottom right of this blog that says "Since December '08 I've Been Shooting With This Camera". The link is to Amazon, and it always shows the current price for the camera.

Lately, there's been talk on the Panasonic boards of the price, how it has risen and why this was happening. We all assume it is the news that it will no longer be made, added to the huge fan base of this camera.

So in looking at the price on my blog the other day, I noticed that the cost was listed as 237.00 a fantastic deal. Terry and I had been discussing getting him an FZ-28, so I just jumped on it. It was a new, but open box unit. We received it today, it is complete and has just been registered with Panasonic, so we have a full warranty!

I just mention this is case any of you are interested in this great little camera, you might want to keep an eye on the price and grab one when it becomes available.

It really is a keeper.

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