Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day in the Life (Bandwidth Warning)

It seems like it hasn't stopped raining since we got here.

I hate working in the house when it's raining, it just seems so depressing, so today we decided to go out and see if we couldn't rustle up a bit of Christmas spirit. It's been in pretty short supply around here lately.

It seems like not many people are decorating for Christmas this year, are those of you in other parts of the country finding that? Since we've been home, we haven't visited the small community of Capitola. Today we decided to go and see if all the Christmas decorations were hiding in that tiny village.

As we were leaving the rig, cameras in hand, I caught this shot. How hard up am I for things to photograph when I'm reduced to shooting this?

Still, I like the textures and the color.

Capitola has always been
a favorite of ours.
It's just that kind of place.

Just the right size,
wonderful architecture.

It's built on many levels,
creating a beautiful skyline.

Also, lots of palm trees.

It also has more than its' share
of great shops.

We were both quite taken
with these hand blown lamps.

Maybe it's because we like jellyfish.

This was the only thing I almost bought.
Instead, I just took this picture.
It's the phrase I love.

Capitola is a great place to stroll,
lots to look at.

It's also the location
of the greatest shoe store in the world.
It's called Hot Feet.
I've never bought any shoes there,
but it's a fun place to look.
Now if they had these
puffer fish shoes in my size . . .

This was about as Christmasy
as the decorations got.
I really hate these blow up monstrosities,
but this one is the
least objectionable I've seen so far.

For some reason, I liked this sign.
The shapes, the color, the texture.

And this guy walking right across the street.
Just perfect.

Another cool thing about Capitola,
it's right on the ocean.
If you look closely across the bay,
you can see Moss Landing.
Monterey is off to the right.

More of the architecture of Capitola.

There's also a long pier.

As you can see,
it's a perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Window shopping,
Watching the birds.

and just enjoying the scenery.

If any of you RVers find yourself in this area,
this is one of the places
you want to put on your to-do list.

Here's the only Christmas lights we saw,
but I liked this one a lot.

We're still trying to decide
what exactly to do on Christmas day.
Maybe we'll just go out
and have a lovely day like today.


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

There are photos to be taken EVERYWHERE! I see them all the time and love the fact I am never without at least one of our cameras.

What's up with the "Bandwidth Warning"?

Traveler said...

Really enjoyed the photos of Capitola, especially the little piece of what looked like old swimming pool cover (JK)! Great colors. Capitola certainly looks like an interesting place to visit - I'm going to put it on our list. Sounds like you are getting more than your share of rain. We actually had a "shirt-sleeve" day here in Eugene, OR yesterday...but that's over now!

Aeagles said...

Bravo! Great post of many...

Kate said...

Kim and Jerry,

I've had several people tell me how long it takes to load a post when I use so many pictures in one day, so I thought I'd try the "Bandwisth Warning".

Not sure if it works though.


Kate said...

Traveler, Yep, it's an old pieces of swimming pool cover, even though we've never had a swimming pool. If you can imagine it, we probably have it!


Jonna said...

What a beautiful day! I must take my camera out with me soon and just take pictures of what to me seem like normal things. I think they would not be so 'normal' elsewhere.

E Squared and Mui said...

What an interesting little town; thanks for taking us there.

Ali said...

Thanks for the pictures. My Grandma lived in Capitola for many years. I used to go and spend a week or two with her every summer. We always went to the beach and through the little town. Thanks for the memories. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!