Monday, December 6, 2010

the Kindle and Two Birds

First off, I wanted to share just a couple of pictures I took this afternoon. We had to go to the bank, and just as we got in the car to leave, these two landed on the tree right in front of us.

I had the camera with me.
There was just something
about the birds,
the clouds
and the bare limbs of the tree.

Sadly, I only got one shot
before one of them took off.
I was glad I had the camera.

Back to the Kindle

I'm still enjoying the Kindle a lot, but I've discovered something I haven't seen covered elsewhere.

Everyone raves about its small size and how lightweight it is, all very true. It is, in fact about the size of a regular paperback book. But no one ever talks about how very thin it is. It seems like this is a big plus, since it keeps the weight of the device down. That said, it is this very slim thickness that is giving me a bit of trouble. I've been reading in bed, lying down, and I find I have to hold the Kindle fairly tight in order to keep it at the correct angle.

This morning I woke up with an extremely sore hand. I've had hand trouble before, surgeries for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and as I get older, a touch of arthritis. The only thing I can think of is, in reading from the Kindle so much lately, I've been gripping it pretty tightly to keep it at a proper angle and I've strained something in my hand.

So for me, it seems like it is a bit too thin.

Fortunately, as soon as I got the Kindle, I ordered a cover for it. I looked all over the internet and decided that I wanted something that was not only functional but beautiful. I ended up at a site called Oberon Designs. They are a small, family owned company that does incredibly beautiful leather work. After poring over their site for hours, I finally placed my order.

It came today and it is going to be the perfect solution. Not only is it a gorgeous, quality product, but it gives the Kindle the perfect thickness and heft to make it more booklike.

Here are a couple of photos. Now, these aren't my best, I rarely use flash, but since these are just so you can see this handsome cover, I didn't mess with them much. As always, you can click them to see the detail.

This is the front of the cover.
Saddle leather
and pewter button.
Here's the back of the cover
just as lovey as the front.
Here's the cover laid out flat
so you can see the entire scene.
And here you can see how
the Kindle fits inside.
There's a nice pocket on the cover, and the leather is supple enough that it folds over easily when reading. To me, this is the perfect cover!

So now I can say, I'm 100% happy with my Kindle!

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Me and My Dog said...

That's exactly what I was going to suggest. I have the original Kindle, and I ordered a red leather cover to put it in, and I never take it out. I love it.

I think I looked at those covers, too. They were very expensive - but beautiful. I love the one you chose! It's gorgeous! I'm sure you will have years and years of enjoying it with your Kindle.