Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Collections

I've been posting small collections that I've accrued over the years (and will continue to do so for a while). I'm unsure as to whether I'll be keeping these things or possibly selling them, so I'm using the blog as a sort of memory keeper.

Today I went through my vintage purses. Boy, have I managed to collect a lot of these over the years. I find it kind of interesting that Terry and I took up beading last summer when we were in Santa Fe, then I come home and look at the gorgeous vintage beaded bags I've collected. I had completely forgotten about these!

This is just a small part of the collection, but I think they're the best of the lot.

This piece is quite large.
It's not in the best of shape,
the lining is gone,
as is the strap that would go through
the mother of pearl rings,
but the beading itself is intact and tight.

And quite beautiful.
(As always, click to see a larger picture).

Another intricate pattern,
this one is in fine condition.

I'm not incredibly fond
of this shade of yellow,
but I love the pattern.
There are also two small blue stones
on the clasp.

This is the jewel of the whole collection.
I found this at an estate sale
that will live in my memory forever.
The jewels at the top are real,
hand set and still bright and clear.
I also love the beaded pattern.

This isn't a beaded bag,
but a vintage hand woven tapestry.
I believe the clasp is celluloid,
and the strap is leather.

Another one of my favorites,
I carry this one more than any other.
At least I used to,
when we used to go out "fancy".
I think the cherubs are sublime,
especially the little boy on the right . . .
Today, they would all be neutered.

These next two are tiny coin purses,
or perhaps doll's bags.
This one is about the size of a half dollar,
leather with a soft kid lining.

This one is alligator
or maybe crocodile.

This last picture really doesn't belong with this collection at all, but I'm including it anyway! It’s a set of three hand inlaid mother of pearl lacquered trays. Each is a bit larger than the last, so they nest inside of each other.

The detail on these
is so intricate and beautiful.
I couldn't resist.
I wrapped them up
and put them in the bottom
of one of my keeper boxes.

That's it for today. I've been busy packing keepers, making trips to the thrift store, assigning things to friends, basically making small steps towards cleaning out the house.

While there's a ton left to do, I feel like we're making progress.

I really do want to get back on the road, and that's the goal that keeps us moving forward.


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

WOW...great pieces of art!

BTW...we will be heading out of the area on Christmas Eve, but not towards Santa Cruz...trying to get to the desert ASAP for some R&R and to dry out.

Hopefully, some other time we can meet up with you guys on our travels.

Thanks for the tip on the propane attachment, we will be picking one up to have with us for any future extensive usage of propane.

meowmomma said...

beautiful pieces again! my fave would be the deco bag! continue to have fun and make progress towards your goal!!!

Pawson Travels said...

There may be a market for those fine looking vintage beaded purses. Being a beader myself, they are gorgeous.