Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On the Road Again-Not-And Propane!

We went out today to do chores and I swear, I must have seen a dozen RVs. I see them, and wonder what adventure they're on, where they're going and where they've been.

And why we're not one of them . . .

Enough feeling sorry for myself . . .

I did see
a pair of lovely trees
while we were out.
That was pretty much the excitement of the day.

Do I live a thrilling life or what?

Several blog posts ago I wrote about our propane, and someone requested pictures, so Terry took some today

We've had two external valves added to our rig (at different times). One valve allows us to hook a barbecue to the on board propane on the rig. That's the one in the center (with the plastic tab on top). It allows the on board propane to go out.

The valve below it allows us to hook up an external tank, completely bypassing the on board propane system. Using this one, we can power the stove, heater and hot water heater in the rig without using any of our on board propane.

I'm also posting pictures of the hose ends. We had a bit of trouble finding them so I hope these pictures help someone.

This is the end you need
to put into the valve (on the rig)
that bypasses the onboard propane.

This is the valve that goes
into the external propane tank.

This picture shows the external tank
hooked up to the rig.

I know I've kind of over-explained this set up, but this is how I need to do it so it's clear to me.

Hope this helps someone!


Big Matt said...

For those wanting to get a similar setup, the kit being used is a "Marshall Extend-a-Stay". Do not confuse it for the Extend-a-Flow, which is meant to simply add the BBQ access only.

Kathy said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting the propane connection photos. They were very helpful. Hopefully, we will have our external propane tank connection completed before it get much colder here in Colorado!

Thanks again.