Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Really Full Day

I meant to write this post last night, but by the time we got home I was so beat I just went to bed.

Then I was going to write it this morning, but a friend asked me to go Christmas shopping with her. So finally, here it is, 7pm on a Saturday night, and I'm finally getting around to it.

Such is the life of us retired folk.

Yesterday was a really interesting day. For a while now, we've been somewhat lax in keeping up with our medical tests. We've had the meds we needed, and except for Terry's short brush with gout in Santa Fe, we've been healthy.

Now that we're back in California and taking care of business, this was something we needed to take care of. I made us back to back appointments for 10am , so yesterday we got ourselves over to Kaiser.

We talked with our Doctor, and both of us received good news in that she took me off of two of my meds and Terry off one of his. We had several questions, and as always, she was really helpful. Terry asked her about some yuck on his face, and she made us an appointment with dermatology. She also gave us a slip for our flu shots.

Then, we went to my mammogram appointment. All I can say about this is that this procedure had to be invented by a man. You can bet if they had to put their private parts in this modern device of torture, they'd discover another method pretty darn quick!

Next I needed to see my opthamologist, so we went to see when I could get an appointment (I have glaucoma, but that's another story). Luckily, there was a cancellation, and if we were willing to wait an hour, I could get in to see him the same day. At this time, they also told me I would need a Humphey test and the soonest appointment was the end of January! Oh well, what could we do? With my appointment ninety minutes away, we went for coffee.

By the time we got back, my Doctor said he really wanted a Humphey test, so he called, and again, there had been a cancellation, so I got the test! Then came the eye appointment, where he decided that I also needed to have pictures taken of my optic nerve, This probably isn't of interest to anyone but me, but I snapped a photo of the computer screen.

They also took pictures
of the inside of my eyeballs.

While I was in talking with my Opthamologist, there was a phone call, and it turned out that our regular Doctor had contacted a dermatologist and since she saw we were still in the building, could Terry come for his appointment right now? He went for that appointment, and while there, our regular Doctor also got Terry in for eye scans (he has mild diabetes and they wanted a baseline).

Is this service or what? We got two physicals, two flu shots, an opthamology exam, a Humphey test, pictures of my optic nerve, photos of the insides of both of our eyeballs, a dermatology consult and a mammogram. Is that very cool or what?

But boy were we tired, we were there for a full eight hours.

When we got out, there we were in San Jose at 5:30pm on the Friday night before Christmas in the pouring rain. As you can see, the weather and the traffic were just atrocious.

With that kind of weather, we decided we should go to Harry's Hofbrau, one of the few places in California we've missed.

Harry's is a great place to eat. They feature fresh cooked turkey, roast beef, ham, and just about everything else you could wish for. Everything is fresh, and only cut when you order it (cafeteria style).

We love it.

they have great Christmas decorations.

Finally, we had no choice but to make the drive over the hill. We saw a few Christmas lights, but nothing really notable, photo wise.

If the weather ever lets up, we'll go out and try to get some shots of lights and decorations.


Jonna said...

Good for you guys! I'm pretty amazed that you got all that done at Kaiser in one day, that's almost unbelievable.

I have to admit that when I looked at the eyeball pics I thought they were from the mammography. That might have been TMI, but I found the inside of your eye kind of fascinating.

Paula said...

You did well. Excellent service from Kaiser, too.

meowmomma said...

You have to be two of the luckiest people in the world ~ well Friday anyway!!! You should have stopped off at a casino if you passed by one! Glad you got yourselves taken care though! Take extra special care of your eyes... my MIL had macular degeneration and eventually went blind the final years of her life. I don't want that for anyone!!!!

Ali said...

What a full day you had on Friday. Loved the pictures of your eyes. I have an artificial eye and the eye and the socket are always of interest to me.

Merry Christmas!