Monday, July 18, 2011

Tired . . .

This will be kind of a disjointed post. We've been so busy, and now we're both completely beat.

For the last ten days or so, we've been going through the house, working furiously. Last week we had a flea market to sell at, as well as another appointment at the used book store.

Since I've been retired, I've gotten so used to setting my own hours. It's always stressful when I know I have to be somewhere at a specific time. When that time is early in the morning, it's even worse. The night before the flea, I had a horrible time sleeping, and finally, at 4 am, I just decided to get up. The one good thing about getting up at 4am is that you get the great spot at the flea market. Out of the fifty odd sites, we got the only ones with shade all day, so at least we don't have sunburns!

In addition to the flea, last Thursday, we had an appointment at the local used book store. We took in another twelve boxes of books. The books we've taken in before are old inventory from when we used to sell online. But finally, it was time to start in on my books. I have to tell you, the memories have been coming fast and hard.

I've collected books my entire life. I learned to read early on and was always in advanced English classes, even in grade school. Reading has been encouraged my whole life, and truthfully, I cannot remember when I didn't collect books. Over the years, I've learned to let go of the casual books I've read, but somewhere along the way, I became enamored of science fiction and old children's books. And now I'm down to getting rid of these.

Twelve boxes in, eleven boxes back, plus a hefty chunk of change. The rest go in the garage to be resorted for the next flea market or the auction. While this is all a huge effort, I must say, the financial rewards are coming through and the house actually has some bare space.

One of these days, we'll be done, and back on the road.

Before I end this tirade, I want to share a quick recipe that I just "discovered". I'm sure someone, somewhere has done it before, but I've never heard of it, so I'm claiming it as mine.

The ingredients are as follows

2 large portabello mushrooms
green onions (or whatever onions you have on hand)
3-5 pieces crisply cooked bacon, roughly chopped

Brown a good amount of butter in a large frying pan. Next, slice/chop up two large portabello mushrooms. I imagine you could use regular mushrooms, but I've made this twice, both time using portabellos, and I believe their firm texture adds to the dish. Place the mushrooms in the pan over a low heat allowing them to cook slowly. While the mushrooms are cooking, chop up three or four green onions and if you like, a small yellow onion as well. When the mushrooms are close to done, add the onions and the bacon, cover the pot, lower the heat and let the pot heat for a few more minutes.

When all the ingredients are cooked through, it's ready to serve. This is a wonderful dish, really tasty. One night, we had it as a main course with salad on the side, then tonight we had it with hamburger patties. It's like mushrooms on steroids. I recommend it highly.

As a final note, I just read this post and while I know it could use a good bit of editing, I'm too tired, so I'm going to hit the post button and go to bed.


Teri said...

I've been doing the same thing as you, it's nice to walk around the house and see more space. I am exhausted and with this humid heat - my feet are swollen - but I don't want to stop until its done.

photowannabe said...

Wow, you guys are going like a house afire. Good for you. So happy you are making some money and seeing bare spots.
Hope you can rest a bit and get recharged. I think your goal of getting back on the road will help push you along.
Take care and keep on purging.

Me and My Dog said...

It was a great post! I, too, have always been a reader, but only saved a few books, the first I was ever given (in 1955) copyright 1946 (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), Kipling's Stories for Children copyright 1928 (I used to read that when I was in grade school), and the Shel Silverstein children's books. I love his books. Just couldn't leave those behind.
The rest are gone. But that's okay. I've moved with boxes of books for years, and now I'm traveling light. :)

michael ultra said...

I think we have a lot in common. I couldn't find any buyers for my 40 years of books (plus a few from earlier) so I just donated them to our local 'Friends of the Library'. they were glad to see me.

Donna K said...

Sounds like you are working your tail off. But progress is good and I sure hope you get back on the road soon.

I'm not a big fan of mushrooms of any kind but Russ is. I bet he would love that dish. Of course I'll eat the butter and bacon and green onions lol!!

Angie said...

Glad you guys are making progress & hope you will be back on the road soon. We are heading up to Glacier NP & the Canadian Rockies in a few weeks. Can't wait for all of those photo opportunities. :~)

Pawson Travels said...

Good Gosh you have been home a long time. What is the plan. Will you sell the house?