Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gordon MacRae and Old Dogs

We've been working so much in the house, things move in, things move out, things move around, things pile up . . .

And some things get moved to Cholula Red, so now the rig looks as bad as the house!

Today I sent Terry off by himself so I could tear the rig up in peace. I must say, I'm getting much better at letting go of things.

While I work in the rig, I like to put on a movie I'm familiar with, usually a musical. Today I picked Oklahoma!

Gordon MacRae, heavy sigh. Curly hair, tall, good looking and my God what a voice! Then there's dancing Gene Nelson and Gloria Grahame (this is the role that I always think of with her, even though she had a solid career as a femme fatale). Charlotte Greenwood also stands out, and hard as it is to believe, this was Shirley Jones' first film. I'm not a real fan of many sopranos, but her voice is just so light and clear, she's lovely.

Oklahoma! is a darn near a perfect film.

I also love the British revival starring Hugh Jackman (I wrote about that here); but the original has a place in my heart that cannot be replaced.

If you need something to cheer you up, Oklahoma! fits the bill. The music is so great that it helps me with housework, could any film be better than that? Entertaining and energizing.

OK, on to something else entirely . . .

I'm sure that, like me, you have your own way of doing things. We learn them as children and it becomes so imprinted, you never consider another method.

Like with me and fruit.

One of the good things about this area is the numerous Farmer's Markets. I've always cut my fruit in half, removed the pit (not always easy) then sliced it from there. That's the way I was taught, and that's the way I do it, dagnabbit!

But at the local Farmer's Markets, they cut their samples by cutting down along the sides the pit, twice, giving you two large orbs, then they cut the other sides, then the top and bottom. By this time the pit usually just falls out or has very little meat left on it. And it's so easy! I've always cut mangos this way, so I don't know why I've never applied it to peaches and plums.

Habit I guess.

It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.

(And my hair is still silver . . .)


Donna K said...

So do you sing along with the movie...I know I do! Hope you got a lot done while you enjoy Oklahoma.

My son just taught me a better way to cut avocados so I guess we can learn new trick.

What happened to the red???

Paula said...

Have you watched BOTH versions of the filmed OKLAHOMA!? It was actually filmed twice, once in CinemaScope and once in Todd-AO, and the performances/shots are slightly different. I love the Hugh Jackman version, too.

I'll have to try your new way of cutting peaches. Ours are so ripe they're starting to fall off the tree!

Russ Krecklow said...

I triple dog dare you to go ahead and use that red color on your hair!

Kate said...


Of course I sing along with the movie, doesn't everyone?


Yep both versions, I love them all.


You can't "dare" me into this! probably next week when we're not so rushed. Besides which, when was the last time you dyed your hair?