Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What to Do??

Since we've been back here at the house, I hate to admit it, but our eating and exercise habits have been for crap. In my heart, I think we both don't want to be here so much that we just enable each other in our bad habits. I'm much worse than Terry but we both are in much worse shape than when we were on the road.

While everyone else seems to love it here, it's really not our cup of tea anymore. When we're out on the road, it seems so much easier to regulate our food. And we want to walk, always something new to see. Here, not so much. When I was still working, I would drive down to the beach four times a week and walk along West Cliff Drive, but now, if we take the time, we can't seem to come back and get anything done.

A few days ago, we were talking bout it and decided it was time to finally buckle down. We're back on the straight and narrow food wise (which for us means cutting out sugar and most starches, basically low carb). This leaves us with what to do about exercise.

While clearing the house, we've re-discovered a set of DVDs called Walk Away the Pounds. This is a set we had some success with years ago and we've decided it's a good place to start. The beginning volume has you briskly walking one mile in twenty minutes, including warm up and cool down. The set continues till you're up to three miles.

For a few days now, we've been walking a mile, and hopefully, this will set us on the road to regular exercise. Within a few weeks we should be up to the three mile walk. Then, hopefully, exercise will once again be a part of our routines.

So tell, me, what do you do to stay in shape while you're on the road?

Wish us luck!


Big Matt said...

Can't really give ya much advice, unless the shape yer aiming for is "round" :p.

Usually, I hike if trails are available, or go riding on my mountain bike.

Teri said...

I agree its easier to eat better and exercise (mostly hiking and stretching - hope to get a folding bike) on the road. I am home now getting it ready to sell and feel I am eating bad and not walking enough. I tell myself all the moving things around the house and cleaning and painting, etc. is exercise.

Angie said...

Walk Away the Pounds brought back memories. When I finally got motivated to lose weight that was the DVD I started out with. Leslie isn't annoying like some other aerobic instructors can be and it's a good way to ease back into exercise. Now if I could only get motivated to lose the weight I've gained since we moved to SC.

Merikay said...

Not on the road, but walking 45- 60 minutes on the treadmill is what I try to do daily or at least several times a week.

Donna K said...

Okay, here's wishing you luck. We have made some recent changes, basically spurred on by Russ's unstable blood sugar readings. Controlling the carbs is the name of the game. We too find it easier to control his sugars when we are traveling. We do not have access to all the easy junk/fast food that we do when we are home. It also is more interesting to go for walks in new areas. We have been going out to the lake with the dogs again and that helps but we walk much more when we are on a trip. The secret I guess is to travel - at least that sounds good to me!!

Nancy said...

Funny, I'm just the opposite. I tend to eat better and exercise more when I'm NOT on the road. While on the road, I don't always have all the fresh fruits and veggies I have while "home". I also had a routine (walking/running) that I don't have while I travel. I do better, though, when I'm traveling with others who like to go hiking, etc.

Me and My Dog said...

I am walking Katie three times a day, at home I just let her out, and she was lucky to get one walk a day. I also brought my Wii Fit, but haven't used it since leaving Santee Lakes. As soon as I settle somewhere for a week or two, I'll walk and Wii Fit more. I do find I lose weight while traveling, though. I gained a couple of pounds while staying with my daughter. :(

photowannabe said...

Good for you guys. Dave and I need to do that so badly. No excuses but just plain lazy I guess.
Keep on plugging away.

Ed said...

For the past year I have established a life style that generally follows a pattern of drive for 1-2 days then 'camp' for a month. This has then helped me establish a routine of walking a minimum of 5 miles every morning. Most of the time that is to a breakfast stop around half way. I have also been able to cut the carbs for my 'linner' and have been eating more fish (4 times a week).

Have lost over 20# so far and trying my best to stay with the "program".