Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Fine Day

Not a lot to write about today, but I must say I surely do enjoy my life.

Our good friend Beth and her dog Tasha arrived yesterday, what a treat! Tasha was so excited to see Terry again, it was sweet. Everyone who travels with a dog is amazed at Terry, he's like the dog whisperer or something. Dogs just immediately take to him. It's a nice gift to watch.

We all spent a good amount of time catching up and just jabbering.

Since we've been on the road, we've met so many people who have become close friends, it's like we now have a huge extended family (and we like all of them!).

This afternoon, Miss Beth and I went into Deming for a girls day of shopping.

We hit the health food store (the picture of the prairie dog above is how I've been feeling lately physically, so it's time to make another feeble attempt at getting healthy), the Post Office, the St Vincent de Paul (where we dropped things off instead of buying, which I know is a big surprise to many of you), the RV Supply store (just to look around, you never know), WalMart (Tuesday is DVD day, but no purchases today) and Peppers Grocery Store (the local market with the great produce and outstanding meat). Whew!

Then we meandered back to Rockhound for another unbelievable sunset and a nice cozy dinner.

As I've said before, Life is good.

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