Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Wonderful Day We've Had!

For starters, everything I'm referring to happened on Saturday, March 24, and because I'm getting so lazy, I didn't get around to posting it till Sunday night!

Regular readers might remember that we attended the Grand Ole Opry Show at the Deming Performing Arts Center last month. After the show, we noticed that there was going to be a bluegrass show, and yesterday was the day.

And what a day it was!

This show featured the Bost Family, and what a family they are!

There are the parents, Jeff and Pam. Jeff sings and plays banjo and Pam plays the stand up bass (with baby Will, aged two) strapped to her back, what a site.

Then there are the children. Brooklyn, aged 17 plays guitar and sings backup. This is her on the right in this photo.

Micah is next in line. At 15, he plays an amazing mandolin and sings harmony and some solos. He will be getting his learner's permit in the next few weeks and was the object of much good natured ribbing by the rest of the family.

These two girls are next, and are they ever pistols!

Both have incredible voices. On the left is Faith, who is just 13 and as been playing the violin for a scant three years, but you'd never know it to hear her play. Liberty (in the center right) is just 11 but, boy howdy, what a set of pipes.

These two have wonderful harmony and are pretty amazing. In speaking with them, they said they hope to continue with music, and I believe they have what it takes to make it.

Next are Felicity (age 7, on the left) Charity (age 4, on the right). When not performing, they sit quite contentedly at the back of the stage.

When we went to this show, we knew it was a crap shoot. This is, after all a very small town and we try to keep our expectations low, so as not to be disappointed, but this group is as tight and professional as any I have ever seen.

They have a wonderful unity on stage, working so well together, it adds so much to the show. And they are all excellent musicians, not a slacker in the bunch.

And the fact that they are a family adds so much t the show. They work together, sing together, play together and the result is truly inspiring.
Once again, my pictures don't really do the show justice. I just can't seem to get the speed I need when people are moving across a less than ideally lit stage. That said, these pictures serve to remind me of a wonderful afternoon, so I'm including them here.

I loved this shot of Pam, with baby Will on her back looking out at the audience. Several of us women commented that this woman must be a saint. After all, she has SEVEN children. And did I mention that all nine of them travel in a bus conversion, and the children are all home schooled?

I loved this shot of the two little ones.

I also thought this was a lovely shot of Faith. She is just at that enchanting age between child and woman, and I liked the way this shot captures that.
This show was really great and I can't recommend this family enough. Not only are they musically accomplished, but the family love and unity that they present, both on stage and off is inspiring.

Both before and after the show, they mingle with the audience and they are all as delightful off stage and individually as you could hope. I spoke with Jeff, the Father and he said that they had been touring for two years. I asked about how the kids became so musical, and he said they started each of them on instruments at around age 3 and just continued with their musical education.

He also spoke from the stage about the importance of family and all I can say is that these folks are doing something right.

If you get the chance, I strongly suggest you see their show. Their swing and bluegrass is flawless and you will have a terrific time, I guarantee it.

After the show, we came back to a yet another incredible sunset here at Rockhound. I took several pictures and couldn't decide which one to post, so I'm just including them all.

Remember, you can click on any photo to see an enlarged version.

These colors are true, this is really what this sunset looked like. I was fascinated, as always.

New Mexico is honestly the Land of Enchantment and our Life is Good!

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