Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday . . .

An interesting morning, we woke up to dark skies and the threat of rain. It made us really happy to be in a motorhome instead of a tent! The weather pretty much dictated the tone of the morning, a good one to stay indoors.

Then John and Priscilla pulled into Rockhound in their thirty foot twin bed Lazy Daze (2004). We first met them at a get together in California and again at the Golden Caravan. We see so few other twin beds, it's nice to see the changes others have made.

After they set up camp, the sun broke through and we all decided to go into town and do a bit of grocery shopping. Tomorrow will be Johns' 65th birthday and he wants to prepare a feast for everyone, so who are we to argue?

By the time we got back, the weather had once again turned dark and was rapidly getting colder. The birds seem to be multiplying daily and today we saw our first cardinal.

A closer shot of the fellow above, I thought he was really beautiful.

And one more, closer still. This little guy seemed quite happy to pose for me for quite a while!

As we took our afternoon walk, I was struck by the dark clouds. While kind of ominous (there was even lightening in the distance) I love the clouds.

And here's a shot of my Hunny Bunny Terry, waving from the front of our campsite.

Life is Good.


photowannabe said...

Great framing Kate. I love the lone cardinal on the cactus spikes.

Sheila said...

Great pictures as always, Kate.
Nice to see Terry (Hunny Bunny).
Now hand the camera to Hunny Bunny and have him take one of you.

I read your blog every day and love it. Thanks for helping me travel with you.