Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Buffy Plus New Plans for Our Music

Ten years ago today, Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuted on television.

Following on the heels of a truly dreadful feature length film of the same name, this series was an amazing accomplishment that changed popular culture and television forever. Okay, I know, you think I'm nuts but I have to tell you, this is incredible theater and literature. The show was the brainchild of a fellow named Joss Whedon, who writes, produces, directs and stays true to his personal vision, achieving amazing results.

I have every intention of going into the whole Joss Whedon phenomenon in a later entry, but I didn't want to let this date pass without some acknowledgement.

And now on to current events.

Are we ever bad at making plans! All week long, we've been intending to go into town today to hear another yodeler who was performing in Deming. There was also an event down at Pancho Villa State Park, celebrating the only invasion of the US by foreign troops (to read more about this historic event, click here). Plans for the event included bands, food, skydivers and all kinds of fun stuff, but we decided to pass, since we were so intent on hearing the yodeler.

Then last night I started a project. I've decided I'm going to make a change in the way we listen to our music. Currently, we have all our music on the computer using iTunes. We either listen on the computer (my new MacBook Pro Core2Duo has surprisingly crisp, clean sound) or we listen to the iPod, which we can either run through the speakers in the rig or attach to small portable speakers.

But Apple has come out with a new Airport Base Station that lets users hook up an external hard drive. With this new wifi station for the rig, I can store all our music on this drive and it will be accessible via wifi all the time. Pretty slick, huh?

Unfortunately the new Airport will only support USB2, not firewire and of course all my music is on an old 200g firewire hard drive. This means I need to move it over to a new 350g hard drive with USB2 so I can make this whole thing work.

While most folks keep all their music on their computer, but I've been such a collector that I have way too much so I have always kept the tunes themselves on an external drive. Since I'll be making this change anyway I've decided to take this opportunity to look at the 6,000 plus songs in my library and maybe doing a little cleanup.

I started last night and got up early this morning to keep on the project. As happens, one thing led to another and there I sat, it was 1:45 and I hadn't even showered!

I knew the show started at 4:30 so thought I had plenty of time when Terry asked me "Are we going to hear the man yodel?" I said "but we have a couple of hours". Then he said he thought it was at 2:30.

Once again, he was right and I was wrong. But here I was, immersed in my project, stinky and unclean, so we talked it over and decided to pass.

Ain't life and retirement grand? I love that we can make plans, then change them and suffer no guilt or recriminations. Living like this sure agrees with me.

But just so you know, we do have tickets to go see the Lipizzaner Stallions in Las Cruces next week, and we have made a pact that we won't miss that one!

I'll report more later, on the Stallions, on the music project and on life in general.

But for now, once again, Life is Good

A small note: these pictures are ones I have in my archives. The hummingbird was shot from inside of Cholula Red (we have a suction cup feeder we put on the window) and the sunset is from Storrie Lake, outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

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Janet Johns said...

The complete Buffy, as well as the complete Firefly series, travels with us in Ms Dolphin. We find that all other TV, and most movies too, for that matter, pale in comparison to Joss Whedon's work. We have been known to sing along (dreadfully) with Buffy Musical...and, of course 1776.