Friday, March 16, 2007


This morning Terry called me out to look at a quail, and while we see lots of quail here in the desert, this one was sitting on a bush, a pretty rare site.

Usually they are running around on the desert floor, or pecking for food, kind of like chickens. This fellow sat for such a long time, I took another shot.

Then we went for our walk, where I tok these shots. The spring colors are so subtle but at the same time so beautiful, I hope they come through in these shots.

And here's a patch of purple we watch enlarge every day. A few days ago it was non-existebt, but look how it's growing . . .

Tonight we are going to see the Lipazzaner Stallions, I'm really excited, so I'll close with a shot of last nights' sunset.


Janet Johns said...

Love the Sunset Pic...

The Quail in the bush is the Sentinel. Just try to sneak up on the tribe feeding on the ground. The sentinel will "Peep" once and all you will see is Birdies scuttling away. Works every time.


Kate & Terry said...


WOW, Thanks, we obviously didn't know this!


Janet Johns said...

Oh, you're welcome. Gambel's Quail are such fun to watch!

Enjoy Spring in the Desert.