Friday, March 23, 2007


We woke up to a gorgeous morning, kind of surprising after yesterday.

Spring is really starting to happen here, unfortunately, our twenty one days is up next Friday, I sure hope spring happens before we have to leave. Here's a shot I took of the meadow (well, desert with some flowers . . .) in the back of our rig. This shot looks much better if you view it full screen.

We decided to go down to Palomas today so I could get a new pair of glasses. It's just thirty miles to the border and we thought this would be a good day for a drive. On the way down, it started to cloud up. I love the huge horizons here in New Mexico, you can see the weather for miles.

We got down there and discovered that we had both left our checkbooks in the rig, so we ordered my glasses and headed back home, planning on coming back next week.

On the drive back, the weather was definitely taking a turn for the worse, but it always seemed to be ahead of us. I was happy Terry was driving as as I could just sit and watch, fascinated by the clouds. I swear they looked like some kind of special effect from a Hollywood film. Here's a shot of the clouds, just kissing the top of the mountains.

When we got home, everyone told us we had missed quite the downpour and even a hailstorm! In a way, I wish we had been here for the storm. We have such a beautiful view of the valley, I'm sure it was something to see. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

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sarahsgonervn said...

I just feel like I'm there, everytime I read you blog and slobber all over the keyboard over your photos. Keep it up, Kate! Sarah