Monday, March 12, 2007


Yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary and we both forgot!

In our defense, while March 11, 2000 is the day we were officially wed (in a lovely service performed by our good friend Howard Lowery) for thirty years prior to the wedding, we had celebrated on March 15.

Confusing? Sort of, so we've decided it is all right to be a little loose with the date we actually celebrate.

Anyway, I wanted to mention it, because I feel so lucky to have been with Terry for these last thirty seven years. What a guy!

Below is my favorite picture from the actual ceremony.

Life really is very good.


photowannabe said...

Congratulations and belated best wishes to both of you.
Your pictures show a lot of love.

Jonna said...

Boom Chukka!! Boom Chukka!! Woot! Woot! Happy Anniversary!

Those are beautiful pictures of you both. You show a lot of love in the pictures and in real life. Mimi and I send our love to you and cheers for the long commitment.

ps. we both forgot our 15th last sept.

Kate & Terry said...

Hey Susie, Jonna and Mimi,

Thanks for your kind words, we are pretty amazed that it's been this long! Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Paula said...

Well, *I* wished you Happy Anniversary ON your official anniversary. Seriously, we are still proud and honored that you chose to celebrate your wedding in our backyard, and to have Howard help make it official. We love you both dearly!