Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

At least it seems like we've been busy, but I sure don't know what we've been doing!

Mainly, we've been socializing and making bread . . .

In a future blog I'll be sharing a great recipe for Chili Colorado, but that's not for today.

We're still here at Rockhound. The weather has been just lovely so we spend a lot of time outside, talking, reading and just beholding the grandeur that is southern New Mexico in the spring.

So that you might better understand my spring fever, here's the view out our back window (remember you can always click to enlarge).

The other day we took a hike up the hill (but not too far up) and I liked this view of Cholula Red.

A bit farther up the hill, we were able to get this shot, three Red Lazy Daze, all in one place!

Lately, we seem to be attracting Lazy Daze. So far there have been nine Lazy Daze, although the most at one time is five (people come and go while we stay in one place).

So now that I think about it, we've really been busy having a good time!

Remember me mentioning the Adobe Deli? It has shot to the top of the list of our favorite restaurants. As I told you before, the onion soup is just spectacular. It's so good, I took a picture!

If you aren't a meat eater, you might want to skip this next photo, but I just couldn't resist. I ordered spare ribs and this is what they brought to the table . . .

Pretty impressive, don't you think? What's so great is that you get your dinner and you're pretty much guaranteed at least one other meal for the same price! With so many Lazy Daze coming in, we feel it's our obligation to share this fine easting institution, so we're all going there again tomorrow!

As you can see, we really are busy having a great time.

Life is good.


Judy said...

Hey Kate......Just wondering if you see many snakes in these New Mexico State Parks??? I plan on doing the state parks some day but I have a thing against snakes and this sure looks like snake country. (Quit that laughing; I hear you!)
And....I plan on using your general bread recipe tomorrow with a variation or so. Thanks for that recipe. I love easy and love to do my own thing with a recipe too.
Judy Wms.

Kate & Terry said...


No Laughing from me, I HATE snakes also. Actually, we've seen very few in the 2+ years we've been traveling in this area (knock on wood).

Let me know how the bread turns out, I've had great success, so I'd love to hear how it works for you.