Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Swell Day!

Today, went for a LONG drive. We decided it was time to go and look at some campgrounds that we've been hearing about,

First, we went up to City of Rocks, where we camped last year. It was a gorgeous day, and we felt we needed a refresher, just to see if we wanted to return (and we probably will).

Then we headed up towards Lake Roberts. Several friends have recommended this campground and while it was indeed lovely, it was a bit remote. We may camp there, but we'll just have to see.

A bit farther on this road are the Gila Cliff Dwellings. We visited them last year and loved the area, so if we decide to camp somewhere in the area, it will probably be at the dwellings.

The drive we were following is known as the Trail of the Mountain Spirits and it is truly magical.

One of the things I love about New Mexico is the constant change. Today, we went from the sparse desert into rolling hills that had me singing cowboy songs. I've got to tell you, I wouldn't have been surprised to see Roy and Trigger come galloping over one of the many rolling hills. In a matter of minutes we found ourselves in towering pines, WOW!

This area is known as the Mimbres Valley, for the ancient people who lived here ages ago and made the astounding Mimbres Pottery. We see mention of this everywhere we go here, and this area is the heart of the Mimbres culture.

Just a few miles down the road, we came up on this (and remember you can click on the photo for a larger version).

While I am perfectly aware that waterfalls abound in the west, we haven't seen all that many, and to come on this, right by the side of the road was an unexpected and delightful treat.

We then proceeded on to an incredibly windy road (Highway 15)
that led to Silver City.

Silver City has a reputation as a real up and coming city. An artistic community in the hills, sort of waiting to be discovered. While many folks in this area really love it, we find it to be a bit large and citified (or maybe we've just spent too long in small towns?).

On the way back to Deming, we stopped at a rest area and I had to take a picture of their topiary.

Last but not least, I wanted to share something I shot a few days ago.

While perusing the internet (again!) I found a site where a fellow had taken a collection of shots of the New York sky.

The idea intrigued me so I stepped outside and shot a series of sky shots in a matter of five minutes.

Then I put them together in what I like to call the New Mexico Sky Quilt.

Life is good.

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