Friday, March 7, 2008

Life is What You Make It (and Life is Good)

I've spent the morning reading a blog about a couple who joined an Adventure Caravans trip down to Central America. We've looked at these caravans, and would probably join one if we ever won the lottery.

Our good friends Mimi and Jonna have long been trying to get us down to Mexico, and we have that thought in our future plans, but back to that blog . . .

While down in Guatemala, the engine on these folks diesel pusher died, and they were left stranded. A nightmare scenario, no?

Well, just to prove that attitude is EVERYTHING, read this blog and see what a once in a lifetime experience these lucky folks got to enjoy; a journey only available to those with an open heart and an open mind.

The blog can be found here. I started at the very beginning, and for me, it was interesting to note that as the troubles began, it felt much more personal. At that point, their trip became more of a life altering phenomenon rather than the "tour" they had been enjoying previously.

Life is good, and I hope I get to meet these fine folks on the road sometime.


Sheila said...

Thank you Kate for posting about Bill & Annette. What great people with a wonderful outlook on life. Oh that we could all be so generous with our feelings.
I spent a very happy hour or so reading their thoughts, and enjoying their pics.
I'm glad life is good for you right now.


Jonna said...

I certainly hope we DO get you down here one of these days... and we are a lot cheaper than a caravan.

But, I too really admire Bill & Annette and the way they turn lemons into lemonade. Your attitude really is the one thing you can change in most situations. I like Tioga George for the same reason.