Sunday, March 23, 2008


You must know that with all this bread baking, sooner or later garlic would HAVE to come up.

I've been adding a lot of different things to the bread, and in researching adding whole cloves of garlic, came across the amazing recipe for Garlic Soup (you have to scroll down about half the page).

Now this doesn't come out at all like you'd think, it's nice and creamy and slightly sweet, a real taste treat. When you add some home made bread and a nice salad, this makes a wonderful meal. Good Eats!!

I've discovered that the tortilla warmers that they sell at the Dollar Store are great places to keep fresh bread. These cost just a buck or two, they have an insulated lining and a fresh round loaf fits inside perfectly. If you get into this whole bread thing, they're a great addition to the kitchen (and they don't take up much space).

We had an exceptionally windy night last night, but today was a stunner. I do love this park. The birds are out and we must have seen a dozen or more bunnies, maybe because it's Easter?

It looks like we're in for a beautiful spring, the hills are greening up and I'm sure the cactus will start to bud soon. I can't wait for the ocotillo to bud up, I promise lots of pictures when the blooms begin.

I hate to be repetitive, but the truth is that life is good.


K.C. & Anne's Big Adventure said...

If you keep including these fantastic recipes I will soon weigh 400 pounds!

Kate & Terry said...


Me Too!