Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ABC Wednesday Cows!

It's time for ABC Wednesday again, and because I'm a bit short of imagination, I'm going to show Cows.

These guys live down the road from where we're currently staying. We pass them every time we go into town, and sometimes, there are also Cranes in the field (but not the day I took these photos).

But what the hay, I'll include just one picture of a Crane because, it is, after all, ABC Wednesday for C . . .

Remember that you can click on any photo for a larger, clearer image.

Now back to the Cows.

We were driving into town the other day and a truck was coming down the side road. These Cows saw the truck coming and, I swear, they were stampeding towards the fence! When the truck turned on to the main road, they all just kind of stood there looking dejected.

We figured it was a safe assumption that the truck usually brought them Cow Chow!

So we stopped to console the poor Cows, which caused about half of them to run in the other direction; however the ones who stayed were more than happy to pose for a few pictures.

I've taken pictures of Cows before (I think they're pretty darn photogenic) but these guys were particularly good looking (and the light was right).

These three were very obliging.

I think 'll call them Patty, Maxine and LaVerne (and Ed)

I had such a good time
playing with the saturation
on the previous picture
I thought I do it again

This little guy had the prettiest fur

Doesn't this one look
like one of those statues of Nefertiti?
I wonder where the eye makeup comes from?

I just loved the crinkly eyes on this one
Kind of like she was laughing.
Or sleeping.
I'll close with this one.
After this look, we figured it was time to scram!

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Anonymous said...

Love the cow photos. They all look like they're busy thinking. If only we could read their minds!!

Grace and Bradley said...

The crane is so clear and sharp. Love the cow photos too.

Carol said...

Oh Great photos...the cows are photogenic!... love the crane also...

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Great photos of the cattle; each one seems to have its own personality. Nice shot of the crane, too.

Neva said...

I LOVE the cows.....and the crane...what a great shot....

photowannabe said...

Really great shots Kate. I love all the expressions. I think I would scram too if I got that look.

Tash said...

what a great photo of a crane & I love the fluffy cows - you are a real artist with animal photos.