Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yard Sales, Widgets and Helicopters

Over on the Life With a Lazy Daze board, someone posted a link to a blog about couple traveling full time in a bus conversion.

As often happens on the internet, I clicked the link and was absorbed for way too long reading about their adventures. I like the writing so much I've bookmarked it and will be following it regularly. If you'd like to take a look at it, you can find it here.

Spend a bit of time there, it's a great read.

One thing that caught me eye was the mention of a new widget they had installed on their blog. It's called Link Within and it searches your past blog posts for content that may refer to your current post. Or not (after all it is a computer generated search, so we'll see . . .)

You'll find it at the bottom of the blog under the heading "You may also like these stories"

As a test, I'm including the word hummingbird here, and maybe, if the search engine is written correctly, we'll see a link to one of my old posts from Manzano during the summer of a million hummingbirds.

If not, it will still point to an old post that newer readers might enjoy.

Okay, enough blog talk.

Today we went yard saling. I love doing this in the various towns where we travel. We get the chance to talk with locals and find it's a great way to learn about the area you're visiting. The pickings were kind of slim today, but I did pick up a great pair of earrings. Here's a picture of my new earrings, they're based on the famous sculpture "the End of the Trail"

I also met a woman who I think will become a new friend. That's better than any goodies we might find, don't you agree?

We've also been busy cooking so expect more food and solar cooking blogs in the near future.

Just as I was finishing this entry, Terry called me outside. He said "I think there's a helicopter down at the lake getting water". OOOH, an adventure, so off we went.

Sure enough, there was this
most interesting helicopter
flying right above the lake.

And then it lowered,
like it was going to land, or maybe fill up with water.
The mist you see is all created from the rotors.

We watched for a while, but it just hovered,
about fifteen feet above the water.
Maybe the copter needed a bath?
Finally, it rose up in the air and flew away

And if you look really close
(a bit more than one third over from the left)
you'll see it leaving the lake.
You may have to click to enlarge to see the copter.

And just because I love the view,
here's a shot of the other end of the lake.
The tall pole on the left is the wind alarm.

As we headed back to home, we turned
and waved goodbye to the day.

I couldn't resist one picture
of the teensy little flowers
that grow all over the campground.

And finally,
another New Mexico sunset


Louise said...

Thanks for the link back to our blog. Glad you enjoyed it. And while the LinkWithin widget does generate some odd matches, it really is good at opening up your old posts to readers.

I really like all the photos in your blog. Theoretically, I'm the one who takes the pictures, but I'm not terribly good at it and let's face it, pretty lazy. Maybe your great pics will shame me into putting more on our blog :-)

Jan Marker said...

Kate - I couldn't help but leave a comment. The aircraft in your photo is an Osprey V-22 which is a cross between a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft. There is a training squadron based at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque. It is really cool to see them transition from helicopter to forward fixed wing and vice versa. We see them all the time since we live so close to their training areas. When we were at South Monticello Point last time, we saw one flying down near the water too.

If you want to be surprised sometime by aircraft - camp at Valley of Fires Campground near Carrizozo, NM. Last year in late March, we took my mother-in-law there in our LD. I was sitting in the rear of our MB LD enjoying the beautiful views around our campsite when to my surprise, a fighter jet appeared about 200 feet above the campground! It flew right down the campground at 200 feet - it was a Navy F-18! Both Elephant Butte and Valley of Fire are right next to military restricted areas so you might see just about anything.

Love your photos! Keep them coming!