Sunday, February 1, 2009

Music, Music, Music

Do you like music?

I do, and I have a lot of music on my ipod. Which doesn't mean I'm not looking for new music to add to my collection!

That said, I have never used the itunes store, because I found the DRM restricted music to be a hassle.

But lately, I've discovered that Amazon also sells music downloads. A bonus is that the mp3s you buy from Amazon are DRM free, which means there are no restrictions on how many of your devices you can transfer it to.

Now to be fair, the itunes store has also recently gone this route, but now I'm hooked on Amazon, and I'll tell you why.

Every few days, they post free music and often you can get entire albums for just a song (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Some days it's just a song or two for free, but often, it's an entire album. During the Holidays, they posted an assortment of Christmas music for free, and just recently I was able to download the entire Greatest Hits of Edith Piaf (36 songs!) for $1.99.

I also found Once More With Feeling (which all Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans should recognize) for just $5.00. This is music I just don't have access to except online. More and more I'm liking the idea of not having a physical copy to carry around. Since being on the road, I find I will purchase a CD, download it to my computer, then donate the physical CD to a thrift store.

This is certainly easier, and often much cheaper.

In looking through the selections at Amazon, I also discovered a lot of old albums which I thought were lost forever for under $5.00. These included some old Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Stars and Stripes Forever a GREAT live album) for $4.58 and the Firesign Theater, who, if you don't know who THEY are then you're missing something quite wonderful.

I also found the complete War of the Worlds (Original 1938 broadcast) by Orson Welles for just $.99!

Can you tell I'm loving this? And I apologize if this sounds like a big old advertisement for Amazon, but I'm really sold on this service.

This morning I was looking around (again) and found that I could download the first two Holy Modal Rounders for $9.90! This is music that I had in my collection (on vinyl) some forty five years ago and I was sure it was gone from my life forever. Did I just say I found music from my past that was forty five years old? Gee, I must not be the youngest kid in the room!

Anyhow, if you've never heard the Holy Modal Rounders and have any place in your heart for old time bluegrass with an original bent, then you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. I've included a link over to the right and if you like, you can hear them by clicking on that link! I particularly like Euphoria and Blues in the Bottle.

And please, let me know if you like them.

And now I'm off to once again explore my distant musical past.

An Added Note
February 3, 2009
the 50th Anniversay of the Day the Music Died.
Buddy Holly
Ritchie Valens
J. P. Richardson aka the Big Bopper


Jonna said...

Oh No! I never download music for fear of FAP, I seem to get fap'd all the time. But... soon, maybe tomorrow, I'll have a DSL connection and then, oh my. I too loved the Holy Modal Rounders, all those eons ago. I'll have to get back to you on all this once I'm off the damn Hughes FAP.

photowannabe said...

I haven't come up to the modern era and gotten an ipod. I think maybe that will come sometime soon. Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper were featured at all of our school dances. Now I'm dating myself too.