Monday, February 23, 2009

OOPS!-A Tour of Socorro

In looking through my blog posts, I realized that I had started this entry but never posted it. Even though this was meant for a month ago, I decided to post it anyway!

While Socorro, New Mexico may seem just a sleepy little no-where town to many, I find it charming. Full of history (I had a huge crush on Elfego Baca when I was about ten years old), with a real sense of community, both Terry and I like it a lot.

For one thing, Socorro boasts a great little Library. Located in a lovely donated home which has grown over the years, it has a true small town feel with a fine selection.

I love the trees in the courtyard.

Isn't this a beautiful place to welcome you?
And you can sit out here and read.

This photo shows the original ceilings.
We see these throughout New Mexico,
but I always take more pictures.
I love this architecture.

Here's the Library Cat,
enjoying the sun on the courtyard

This stone house is right next door to the Library.
We find lots of stone houses in New Mexico.

And this beauty is right next door
to the stone house
that is right next door to the Library.

you can click on any image
for a larger, clearer version.

This house is for sale,
and has been for the last couple of years.

Maybe folks just don't want this much house anymore?

This is the local coffee shop.
I included it because I like the mural.
Very au courant.

Remember several posts ago
when we wrote about Lupita's Barbecue?
The Pizza here at the Socorro Brewing Company
is as good as Lupita's ribs.

And if you want Mexican Food in Socorro
go to Frank and Lupe's.
Remember to ask for their Pasilla Chili Sauce
(Bobbly Flay loved it).

The interior of Frank and Lupe's is eclectic,


and colorful.

The food is excellent
and I love their big neon sombrero
(the restaurant is also called El Sombrero).

When we finished eating lunch, I started taking pictures.
A woman came up to me
and said how happy she was
to see someone paying attention
to their surroundings.
We had a pleasant talk and I felt right at home.
Once again, I was made aware
of the friendliness of small towns.

There are some funky shops in Socorro,
especially in the old downtown section.

We haven't seen another store
with such an original facade.

I really like the panthers.

Across the street,
they've managed to save an original Bull Durham sign
painted on the brick building

This is a wide shot of the old district
(and more New Mexico skies).

This is a closeup of the other side
of the building with the Bull Durham sign.
I like the Owl even better than the Bull

If you get the chance, visit Socorro. It's about seventy miles south of Albuquerque, with Bosque del Apache just a hop skip and a jump down the road.

A true American small town, it's worth a visit.

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