Friday, February 6, 2009

South Monticello

We've moved down to Elephant Butte State Park, some seventy miles south of the Bosque.

What a change of scenery!

The skies here are humongous.
Off in the distance mesas rise,
cliffs hugging the water at their base.

Remember to click on the images.
These all look better at a larger size,
especially the panoramas

This pyramid shape
sits across the water from our campsite

The red cliffs reflect the light

In the other direction
the vistas are just as stunning

The light bends into colors

The moon was clothed in clouds.
Even though I couldn't get a clear shot
something here appealed to me.

I'm just beginning to play
with night shots

While not sharp,
I like what this moon adds to the mood.
(Look off to the bottom left
and you'll see our campsite).

One more shot
and I'm off to bed

As always
but particularly tonight


photowannabe said...

Really beautiful country, Kate. There is suh a majestic feel to the pictures. The full moon over the wide expanse is breathtaking.

Jan Marker said...

Hi Kate,

Your photos are beautiful - you are too modest.

We enjoyed meeting you this weekend and the other LD folks.

I sent you an email. In case you didn't get it, our email is

Hope to see you guys soon. Next time we go to Elephant Butte, we are bringing our canoe and airplane to enjoy EB from the air and water.

I have not started my blog, but will soon. Mike is bugging me about getting us signed up for the LD Yahoo group too.

Jan Marker (Rebel Pilot & LD 26 1/2 mid bath owner).

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Kate, your photos are beautiful. Are these taken hand-held? I have had the Lumix FZ7 for the past couple of years, and can't get that level of clarity with daylight zoomed in or anything after dark (even with the O.I.S.). Your zoomed in moon pictures from a previous post were awesome as are these. I love the glassy water in the lake.


P.S. Still waiting for my eyeglasses to arrive. It should be any day now.

Kate said...


All these shots were taken hand held with the FZ-28. I really do think the Image Stabilization software in the FZ-28 is superior to anything they've ever offered.

Thanks for the kind words on my pictures. it is appreciated.