Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is Good

This is the second anniversary of this blog.

Since it's been two years, I wanted to ask something of my readers.

I look at the numbers and know there are people reading this blog, but except for a few folks, I have no idea who you are.

So I'm asking, just for my own self, could you either email me or leave a comment? I'm so curious, I'd just like to know.

I'll close this with a quote I recently found by Martha Washington, which pretty much sums up my attitude.

I am determined to be cheerful and happy,
in whatever situation I may be;
for I have learned from experience
that the greater part
of our happiness or misery
depends upon our dispositions,
and not upon our circumstances.


photowannabe said...

Yep, if we look at the circumstances I think we would feel doomed all the time.
Good post Kate. I hope people will respond to your question.
Sometimes Ihave to grab hold of the phrase "Life is good" and hold on for dear life.
Take care friend.

Jonna said...

You and Martha have the right idea, I agree completely. If you are on the side of the glass half full folks then life IS good and you see joy in most things. I'm often amazed to realize that some people I know just never see the good in life, I feel sorry for them but find that my desire to be around them wanes. There is a saying in Mexico, No hay mal por bien no venga - there is nothing bad that doesn't bring good. If you are looking for the good, you will find it. It's your upbeat attitude that makes you such a wonderful friend and such an interesting blogger.

Kathy said...

Hi Kate,
Yes, I confess that I am a lurker! I read your posts regularly. My husband and I own a 2006 Red MidBath LD and have traveled extensively throughout the southwest. We spent over a month traveling through New Mexico in the fall of 2007, staying at many of the state parks that you frequent. Heron Lake and City of Rocks were our favorites. I especially enjoy your "cooking" blog entries and am impressed at how creative and resourceful you are. I do a lot of cooking in our LD as well, but much more conservatively.

With luck, we will be fulltiming ourselves (for a year or two) by the end of the year, and have always had a mental note to look you up during our travels.

I also follow LifewithalazydazeRV regularly and occasionally post under the name of "Champers_Camper". Hopefully we will meet sometime soon!

Jim said...

I am a Lazy Daze wannabe. We are close to getting a '97 26.5 RB. I have been following your blog mostly for the pictures but also for the tidbits of full-time life in LD.
I decided that when I retire I wasn't going to sit around the house so we decided to sell the farm and hit the road!

Judy said...

Okay Kate, I will confess to being one of your "regulars" to your blog with all the great photos and, of course, your well written travelog and recipes. I will also admit to having copied you in some of the kitchen things that you have experimented with and now love. I will also confess that I am green with envy that you and Terry get to be 'free spirits' in Cholula Red. As soon as I am "unstuck" here with my caregiving duties, I plan on again becoming a free spirit plus fulltiming.
Keep on doing your blog exactly the same way as always. I have you on "speed dial" in my blog file on my desktop.

Judy Wms.
Blue '07 RB "Dog Daze"
And all the fur kids

Linda said...

Kate, I read your blog all the time and love it. We own SOB but I hope to own a LD someday. Since we live in Albuquerque, I find your blog very informative and interesting. I too love birds. Love your pictures of the hummers. Found you through lifewithlazydazerv. Also follow Jonna's blog. Her house is gorgeous.
Keep posting. Life really is good.
Linda Otterson

Chris & Frank said...

We're here too and follow your blog regularly. Thanks for the Monticello pics -- we're missing beautiful New Mexico and can't wait to get back.
Chris & Frank
LD - 30'TB
aka Rainbow Chasers

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Though I have only recently posted comments to your blog, I confess to having followed it since the very beginning....actually even before, when you posted on your website. I guess I felt stupid about commenting earlier and now I feel REALLY STUPID that I didn't do it sooner. I have thoroughly enjoyed your tales of travel, your recipes, your musings and especially your photos. I have also purchased some of your same items for my future LD, like your IKEA Kitchen faucet (I bought one for home too), shoe bag for CROCS (aren't they wonderful?). I want to get your solar cooker too. You have inspired me to the point that I may even start my own blog.

And your "Life is Good" motto says it all. Despite everything that goes on around us, life IS good. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your postings.

Every day above ground is a good one.

Jesse said...

Well, I following by Google Reader – I like all the different pictures. I like to follow many different RV’s so I could prepare for when I retire.

Brenda said...

year, and gone back farther to catch up. I have a 93 Multiplan that I inherited from my parents recently. I also belong to the solar cooking yahoo group and praised your blog there, and then came over here and saw your request for feedback. I hope you don't mind my plugging your blog, but word of mouth is how it happens on the web. I personally wish you would update your website a bit more, since you haven't added to it in over a year, and keep promising bedroom shots, etc. soon. I love being a digital voyeur. Of course if I would just get out there and travel, I might be able to see peoples rigs for myself. Ah, the digital fix will have to last for a while longer. Retirement seems to be moving farther away, not closer.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment.

Jack and Jeannette said...

YES Kate - we enjoy and benefit from your blog and your photography addiction! Since meeting you/Terry over 2 years ago at Rock Hound SP, Deming - you've been most helpful and friendly in many ways. We're now based in Brea, CA (n. orange co.) and our '96 MB is parked on the street nearby. Quartzsite last month was super great; next week we're headed for Lake Skinner w/friends. Hope to camp with ya'll again soon. Jack & Jeannette

Laura said...

Greetings Kate!

I just "met" you for the first time this morning on the Navion/View forum and because your post was interesting and helpful, I checked out your blog and got hooked. Love your writing, your pictures and your attitude!
We are picking up our new Navion 24J next week and heading to Georgia and Florida for our first trip... but you have convinced me that New Mexico needs to be high on our travel list. Our license plates will be "Elphie 1" and we will keep an eye out for you!