Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABC Wednesday G

Once again, it's time for ABC Wednesday, and I have to fudge it a bit.

I don't have any new photos, but I did go back into my archives and found some photos from the Albuquerque Zoo of the Gorillas (or they may be some other kind of ape, if so, my apologies to these lovely animals).

Anyhow, I'm using these for my Gs!

This one is my very favorite of the day.
Remember to click for a larger image

I think this fellow is cleaning his teeth

Even though this only shows the back,
I loved this shot of the baby

This guy reminds me of Rodin's the Thinker

I debated whether to include these next two pictures.
They were shot through a pretty scratched up glass
but I loved the face on this guy

And something in this pose just strikes me
so I decided to include it here.
So that's my ABC Wednesday post for this week.

Before I close, I have one bit of exciting news I wanted to share.

I was contacted a while back, and a newspaper has requested to use some of my pictures for a story they're doing in this next Sunday's magazine supplement! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!


Sylvia K said...

Oh, congratulations! That is so fabulous! I'm very excited for you! Your photos for today are marvelous! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Paula Scott said...

Great gorilla shots (and one chimp)!
I think the last face one is the mama of the baby, huh?
Isn't that zoo the greatest little zoo? Perfect size for kids; quite the contrast from the likes of San Diego Zoo.

Hope said...

Gorillas are a favorite of our family at our Zoo. Also there's a G in Life is Good. Congratulations on the photos in the newspaper.

Rena said...

Great photos! Who knew gorillas had such expressive faces!

photowannabe said...

That is so super kate. Its right down your alley. I hope you can share it with us when its completed.
Love the gorilla shots. They have such personality.

Grace and Bradley said...

Hi Kate and Terry
We visited Albuquerque at the old town, did not go to see the zoo. YOu have very nice shot of the gorillas. But I did go to the bird sanctuary. The alpenglow was shot at Elizabethtown outside of Taos.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

I love your choice and your lovely Gorilla pictures. It certainly is a great animal.

Take Care


gone to the dogs said...

Don't they have such amzingly pensive expressions. Great post.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Loved the gorilla photos, Kate. The look on the face of the older female is so pensive. I lived in Albuq. a 100 years ago (well... 59 actually)and this wonderful attraction didn't exist. I think it's great.
Congrats on your newspaper opportunity. May this be the start of more good things!

Tumblewords: said...

First of all - Congratulations! What an honor! Your photos are outstanding. These gorillas are so fascinating - the baby looks like someone's going to be picking leaves and such off his back in short order.

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Congratulations, Kate. That's so exciting about your photos! You are very deserving.

Jay said...

Congratulations on getting your pictures in the supplement! That's wonderful!

That little baby - so fuzzy!

Celeste said...

The great apes are so human looking it is remarkable! No prizes for guessing where we came from!
Congrats on your newspaper piece.

Carol said...

Great photos...the expressions are so good...I like the first shot...and the baby back...

nonizamboni said...

Life is good indeed. This was a really nice set of 'g' photos--and those faces! Nice choice--thanks for sharing!