Saturday, March 21, 2009

the Colors of New Mexico

I've been taking pictures
for a couple of days now.
Once again,
I'm amazed at the vibrant
colors of New Mexico.

This morning, I looked overhead
and saw this amazing blue.
I'm thinking that the dark line paralleling
the jet trail is a shadow?
Whatever it was,
I liked it enough to take this picture.

As always,
remember to click on any image
to see it at a larger resolution.

While this isn't the best shot
of a bird flying overhead,
this one's a memory shot, just for me.

Spring is busting out
all over New Mexico

Doesn't it look like this tree is smoking?

I played with this photo quite a bit,
and wondered whether to include it here,
but I liked it well enough.
So here it is!

Remember our tomato plant?
Here's our first bud.
We'll be following its' progress . . .

We took a ride into Elephant Butte today
stopping at several campgrounds
on our way back.
Many of them have just recently
been opened for the season.
The water was a different color at every stop . . .
The reflection of the incredible New Mexico skies
change the water constantly.

Thought you might enjoy this photo
of this fellow windsurfing

This butte is called Kettle Top.
And look!
Now the water is blue.

They call Elephant Butte Reservoir
the Diamond in the Desert

As all good days must,
this one comes to an end.

I've included this shot
so you can see what a lovely view
we enjoy out the back
of Cholula Red


Anonymous said...

The sky is breathtakingly lovely and the blue is perfect!

photowannabe said...

That sky is amazing. The first two should be enlarged for framing. Of course, I don't know where you would hang them...
Love the smoking tree too.

Rojo said...

I love living in So Cal but these pictures mane me home sick for NM.

Joe said...

Your photos are incredible! It was great to meet you guys and to eat some of that sumptious solar cooked food. Hope our paths cross again!

Jan Marker said...

Kate - Beautiful photos! And you are so right - New Mexico has vibrant colors and you captured them in these photos. Can't wait to see what you do for ABC Weds!