Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1938 and 1947

First off, just a couple of pictures I took at Carpo's, one of our favorite restaurants here in Santa Cruz. They have the best burgers, a more than adequate salad bar (something we sorely missed in New Mexico) and truly lovely surroundings.

The patio is a perfect place
to spend an afternoon.
I don't know who keeps their plants up,
but they do a superb job.

It's a well established location,
so many of the plants are mature,
which adds to the ambiance.

Okay, back to work.

We have thousands of books and boxes of paper. The books come from a lifetime of collecting as well as a small bookselling business we ran for a number of years. Most of the paper is Disney related (I wrote for a number of years about Disney for magazines and collectors).

In starting this project, I've decided to start with the books, as the amount of the Disney is so daunting. Even though the books don't have the emotional appeal of the Disney, it's still a long drawn out process. I love old books and paper of all kinds, and going through these boxes is like a trip through time.

Today, I found a stack of old Life Magazines, and there went a couple of hours. My favorite was from 1947. While others were entertaining enough, this one was just chock full of great graphics.

The pictures aren't great, I just took them on my lap, not bothering to set up a proper photography station, but you'll get the idea.

Take a look at this!
This woman has gone shopping for a mattress.
To do this, she has dolled herself up
in a proper little dress,
hat, gloves, and no doubt high heels.

We went to Hawaii in 1961
and this is how I dressed for the airplane!

Times have certainly changed.

I like the idea of Groucho Marx
shilling razor blades.
I guess the idea of celebrities
endorsing products is as prevalent today
as it was back in the forties.

There was a short article on Gypsy Rose Lee.
I've always loved her.
Apparently she joined
a traveling sideshow for a while.
Must have been some sideshow.

This photo accompanied an article
on radio hats.
What more can I say?

Is this a great teaser for a film?
One of my favorites, to be sure.
And this poster is pure noir.
They really don't make them like this,
movies or ads,
any more.

And geez,
who do you think Ford was courting
with this ad campaign?

This certainly caught my eye.
Wish we could live on $150 a month.

I wonder whatever happened
to Elsie the Cow?
And is Elmer still alive?
Great graphics!

I saved this for last
in case it might upset your stomach.
Were they really trying to sell this
as edible food?
The graphic, the color, YUCK!
Not to mention the recipe!
Maybe you might want this
to grace your Thanksgiving table?
I think not . . .

Next I came across a box of
scrap books containing
Christmas cards from 1938.

For years I've picked up
this kind of stuff at estate sales.
I love the graphics.

You can click any of these
and see them in a larger size.

They really are happy, joyous
and filled with the spirit of the season.
I miss what Christmas used to be,
back when it didn't even start
till after Thanksgiving.

It just isn't the same any more.

That's it for today.
The memories are wonderful


meowmomma said...

love it ~ love it!!

especially since it appears we like the same things! maybe you should contact that show American Pickers and have them come take a look at your stuff!

photowannabe said...

What a fun trip down memory lane. I love the old magazines and the graphics.
Sounds like you are making progress on your cleaning project.

Traveler said...

Very cool stuff. Yeah, I agree with meowmomma! American Pickers would have a field day. Really enjoyed today's post. Thanks for sharing.

Big Matt said...

Elmer went on to become the mascot for Borden's Chemicals Divison and now adorns the Elmer's Glue bottles.

Elsie still adorns Borden's Dairy products from the Dairy Farmers of America and Grupo Lala.