Friday, November 19, 2010

Hate California, It's Cold and It's Damp

I put on the stereo and Frank comes on

Isn't it amazing how music can so perfectly capture the moment?

Deciding to try a different mood, I move from Sinatra to cowboy balladeer Don Edwards.

This doesn't help at all, songs of the desert, longing for the open skies, the urge to wander, you get the idea.

Sunny California? I don't think so.

You know, when it gets cold in New Mexico, it's a bone chilling cold, but you can get warm. Here, it's so damp all the time, the cold seems to pervade everything. My flesh stays cold no matter what and I cannot get warm. I've gotten fuzzy jammies, socks the size of Alaskan huskies and still I can't seem to get warm.

I am so ready to leave . . .

OK, enough of this dreary talk.

I saw a few hummingbirds the other day, although I really don't know what they're doing hanging around here in this abysmal weather. Still, they're here, so we put up a feeder and there seem to be at least two who are regulars. One is, I believe, an Anna's hummingbird, with the most astounding red head we've ever seen. Unfortunately, he's quite fast and, trying to shoot through the tinted windows with the overcast skies, I haven't been able to get a good picture, but I'll keep trying.

Then I thought,
you know,
this is kind of how I feel today,
all at loose ends and out of focus.

I keep thinking I'd like to do some beading, but once I start, it seems to go on for days, so I'm holding off. I hate the idea that I can't just do what I want, but have obligations. I keep telling myself that I have to be an adult and take care of business. I understand that if I don't get this work done, I'll never get to leave so it's a trade off.

Then there's Thanksgiving. Do we even care? Usually, we try to do something to acknowledge a holiday, but this one just doesn't feel like something we want to celebrate at all. Terry thinks we should go out for a fancy dinner, I'm more inclined to cook, but really neither one of us seems to be able to garner much enthusiasm.

Geez, did I say I wanted to be a bit more upbeat?

I'm wondering, should I bother to post this at all?


Jonna said...

It takes a little blues to make the good times feel that much better. Keep crossing things off the list and soon you will be driving away again.


Malone said...

You post, up or down, because you are real. I appreciate that a lot, Kate. And. That California cold thing??!!! yah, been there done that. I am always colder in California than in snow country. Who knows why, maybe the houses aren't just built right, or maybe there is no decent heat, or whatever, I know that cold!

Traveling Dorothy said...

Every time you tell yourself to do the responsible adult thing, then it resonates to me. We just can't get up & moving on getting the house ready to sell and it must be done by March - my personal goal. Just don't know what to tackle first!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

It's ok to moan a little bit, especially about the California rain. We did the coastal drive finally and most of it was rain and fog...then back to the Bay area to work the Christmas lot. We arrived in Pleasanton, California on Friday and it has not stopped raining...please tell me it will stop soon!

photowannabe said...

From my friend Daisy...Just do the next thing...That's gotten me through a lot. I do the next thing and then move on. Keep plugging away and it will be done. Then its on to your Paradise.

Big Matt said...

If ya think the California damp is bad, try living in it in Oregon where its like that 8 months out of the year, it can take its toll on you after a while.

I actually love it when we get a true freeze and snow comes out as it drys the air out and thinks become less dank.

Levonne said...

I do love that hummingbird picture. Lovely. Lovely post!