Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, Here We Are . . .

Let me preface this entry by saying that I try hard to be pretty positive most of the time, but geez, I guess I know now why we stayed away so long.

Terry and I both feel like we're currently in some kind of eerie limbo . . .

We're back in a house that we lived in for thirty years, but it feels in no way like home.

The faucets turn the wrong way.

The kitchen is HUGE and I can't find a thing.

Did I ever love cooking here?

Where is the cutting board?

Why is the garbage so far from the sink?

Is there any salt at all in this kitchen?

Where are the paper towels?

Does this old computer really not have a wireless card?

And where is Terry? We seem to be miles apart, each doing something different, and, after all this time, I have to say, it's pretty strange.

Somehow, I can't escape the feeling that this is going to take a lot longer than we thought.

Wish us luck, we have LOTS to do.

Anyone want to buy a house?


Jonna said...

When Mimi and I first moved into this huge house from our Lazy Daze, we followed each other from room to room. Not only us, but the dogs and the cat did it too. We all went everywhere as a pack! All the animals still come running up the stairs when we go to bed and everyone has a bed in there. It gets a little more relaxed but it still drives me crazy when I can't find Mimi and she can't even hear me calling. Think of it as an easy way to get more exercise, running from room to room looking for Terry.

Traveler said...

Wow, Kate, what an interesting quandry! Russ and I are just starting our the 31' TB on order from the Mother Ship, starting to clean out the garage and attics, giving stuff away, and wondering where we will be a few years from now. We have been in this house for 34 years, have raised 4 kids here, and have a lot of memories. But now it is time for us to lighten our load and go on the move, fulfilling a life long dream. Don't know if we will eventually give up the house, but reading about your life journey keeps us inspired. Funny how "things" become less important as time goes by. Keep writing!!

Kate said...


The difference is that you were moving into your dream house! We are getting a LOT more exercise though.

Kate said...


All I can say is I wish we had done all this before we went on the road. But then, we had no idea that we would love it so much.

I do miss New Mexico and the open sky more than I can say . . .