Monday, November 29, 2010

Why I LOVE living in Under 200 Square Feet

We've been here at the house for about one month now, and more and more, I begin to understand why I love living in the motorhome instead of a stick house.

While we've been working in the house, we continue to live in Cholula Red. Coming "home" every night is so cozy and comforting.

The house is so large and every bit of it is full. Every other day we are making trips to the local thrift store or the used book store, yet it seems we make no progress at all.

The other morning, I asked Terry if he thought that perhaps Snow White and her forest friends might have come in the night and cleaned the house for us? He said he kind of doubted it, and sure enough, when I went in the next morning, nothing had changed.

I continue to hope for a miracle.

But it all goes away at night when we come into the rig, and once again we are home.

Even of it is totally torn apart and completely out of order, it's still home. And the good news is that even when I have spent the entire day moving things between the house and the rig, I can still come in, clean the entire motorhome, make dinner and get the dishes done in under a couple of hours.

Try that is a stick house!

This month has certainly taught both of us that we made the right decision to live smaller.

Now if we can just get this job finished, we will be on the road again, living the life we love.


Erik's RV Blog said...

Oh how I feel your pain. My wife and I have a house full of things we thought we just had to have. We could open a store with all of this "stuff".

So, like you we are striving to live smaller and get rid off all of the things we simply do not need. I see new gadgets coming out that normally I would be all over and in my line of work sometimes need to buy to stay on top, but staying on top may bring more money but it costs more money.

Anyway, good luck in your journey and safe travels.


photowannabe said...

Keep plugging away Kate and Terry. Every day gets you closer to your goal. You will feel a million pounds lighter very soon.
So glad you have the rig to live in and that special place to come "home" to.