Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feathers and Fur

As I mentioned yesterday, we took today off, although like usual, we got off to a late start.

We spent a bit of time driving around,then finally ended up at the wharf (again) so be prepared, there are LOTS of pictures in this post!

Now most of you know that I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, and truthfully, I've forgotten almost everything I had learned last year when I was shooting with the new camera at the Bosque.

When I have been shooting, I've been using the stock lens that came with my Canon 7D, but today I decided to pull out the long lens (a Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM lens), which is a bit trickier but is much better for long shooting, and especially for birds.

To my surprise, some of the pictures came out fine. Others weren't exactly what I was expecting, but I liked the results and decided to work with them. I guess I'll have to study up on f stops and depth of field again!

So here we go. . .
A view from the wharf
looking out to Lighthouse Point.
Once again, I was shooting
straight into the sun.
the lighting you see is courtesy
of my computer.

The Santa Cruz Wharf
is a favorite resting place for sea lions.
This shot is a bit noisy
but I was standing on the wharf
shooting down into the dark,
where the lions like to nap.

This shot had a bit
better lighting.

A close up.
I think they have the sweetest faces.

Some of them sleep in the sun,
others like the shade.

This is a kind of strange shot
but for some reason I like the look of it
so I'm including it here.

This sailboat was way out there.
That's Monterey on the far shore.

Here we go with the gulls.

I'm going to have to
practice different settings
if I want to get
really clear closeups.

It would be nice if I could remember
the bird settings
for the new camera . . .

There was a flock of pigeons.
(is a bunch of pigeons called a flock?
Nope, I just looked it up.
It's a kit or a loft.)

This guy thinks he's an eagle.

Or a turkey.

Back to the sea lions.
This one I caught mid-yawn.

While this isn't a really clear shot,
i like the movement in the water.

This guy was posing
with the Boardwalk in the background.

I don't remember
there ever being this many
brown seagulls before.
Now they seem to be about even
with the whites.
They do have great markings though.
Notice this guys fancy footwork.

The Giant Dipper,
thrill of my youth.

One good thing about the long lens,
I can get really sharp closeups
(when I can hold the camera steady).
I love the yellow around their eyes.

The line up.

Close up of a brown.

I believe this is a young one,
plump and fuzzy.

Showing off,

The browns have
really stunning markings.

Remember, you can click any inage
and see it much larger.

There was a haze in the air
that made for some unusual light.

I couldn't decide which version
I liked better,
so I've included both.

One final shot,
this one was dancing for snacks.

We had such a good time,
we may take another day off tomorrow.


E Squared and Mui said...

Looks like you had a great day for your outing ... must have been nice to get away from the downsizing for a bit.

Traveler said...

Really like all your pictures, Kate. Thanks for sharing.

meowmomma said...

nothing wrong with the settings as far as I'm concerned gf!!!

photowannabe said...

Looks like the breaks are good for your soul.
Love the pictures. The one one the seal shot in the shadow was so dark I couldn't see anything until I enlarged it. I love the sunlight outlining the whiskers. Its a prize.

Kate said...


That second picture is way dark on my screen also, and really not much better when blown up, but I liked it so much I decided to post it, dark and all.

The whiskers do look kind of fluorescent, don't they?

Paula said...

Always love your photos. You have a great eye for composition.