Saturday, November 6, 2010


Boy, talking about memories, today I am positively flooded.

I found a binder from my Junior year in high school. I certainly must have been boy crazy back then, because I found three different boys names written all throughout the binder. The worst part is I can't remember a thing about any of them! There's a Home-Ec project about my plans for the future. I wrote about marrying one of these guys (I named him, but it means nothing to me, does this mean I'm getting old?).

Apparently the plan was for us to get married, drive a VW bus and live in Big Sur, where we ran an art gallery while he painted and I made jewelry.

At least the jewelry part is sort of true. What a hoot.

I also found a box of old keepsakes, including my braids. My Mother never cut my hair until I was five or six years old. When I finally went for my first beauty salon visit, she had them cut my braids and save them for me. I've kept them all these years, I don't know why . . .

The following has hung in my bathroom for years. It's a simple greeting card I matted and took to my friends Wayne and Russi for signatures.

This I will be keeping.

I've collected jelly glasses for years. I love their diminutive size and the colorful graphics. I'll be saving some of these and just posting pictures of others. Mostly these stand just about four inches tall and contained jam or jelly. The glass was a free bonus.

I wish they still did this
instead of just using glass jars.

Here's a piece I'm undecided about (but again, I love this face). He's actually an inkwell. I found him when I was 17 at a flea market and he's been with me all these years.

He'll probably go in the keeper box.

This is just a small bit of the shelves above my computer desk. It's completely filled with smalls (as you can see). Most of these will go, but I'll be keeping Little Hiawatha and the bunny.

Wow, I seem to be taking pictures of the things I want to keep rather than the stuff I'll be letting go of. I guess this proves I really am ready to let go of most of it.

This last photo was a complete surprise. Neither of us remember when it was taken, but it was a long time ago.

Who is that guy with the Afro??
Were we ever this young?

These kind of finds make this a lot of fun. We've decided it will just take as long as it takes and we might as well settle into it and enjoy the ride.


E Squared and Mui said...

Memory lane trips are fun; they bring back so many things that have been lost in the folds of our brains over time. I've started scanning photos and posting them in a "blasts from the past" blog ... my way of cleaning up the tons of photo albums we have in preparation for full timing. There's a lot, but I figure I can get it done in the next 2-3 years.

Kevin Kidney said...

Wow, great post. You and Mr. Fro were so cute! Glad you're keeping Hiawatha. I would too! ;-)
Incidentally, I myself still hold onto a vague dream of getting a VW bus and moving to Big Sur and being a painter, but I doubt I was the guy you knew in High school!