Sunday, October 31, 2010

Catching Up

First off, I want to share a picture of the burgers we had last night at the Squeeze Inn in Roseville, California.

This was one of the best burgers I've ever tasted, and the chewy cheese skirt was a bonus that really put it over the top. If you're ever near one of their locations (Sacramento, Galt and Roseville), make it a point to stop in.

Now, on to what's going on with us . . .

As you can tell, we're back in California. I have to say, we aren't all that impressed. Within two feet of the border with Nevada (no kidding, it's right at the border) the roads get horrible, and it doesn't improve much from there on in.

Then there's the incredible amount of traffic and urban sprawl.

Or are we just so used to the wide open spaces of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada? Whatever the reason, it isn't sitting well with either of us.

We had hopes that perhaps when we reached the Santa Cruz mountains, our attitudes would change. For many years, when returning to this area, I remember well the warmth and feeling of "home" that would invade my body, but it's just not here this time.

In fact, when we got out of the car and stepped out into the forest, we both looked at each other, stating "it's cold and damp".

And did I mention the dark?

So the plan is to try to deal with the house and get our bodies back to the southwest, which seems to have become out home, spiritually and otherwise.

That said, we'll be here a while and we hope to make the best of it. In that spirit, we decided we should take a drive down to look at the ocean.

Now that we like!

I didn't have my camera with me,
so I just got a few shots
with the phone.
The wharf at Santa Cruz at dusk.

"What do you want!"

This one pretty much says
what the evening was like.
If we lived at the beach,
our feelings might be different.



Jonna said...

I hope that dealing with the house and stuff goes easily and quickly and you are free again to travel. Been there, done that and hated it. So, lots of empathy from here.

meowmomma... said...

WHAT? Such a great photographer and you were without your camera?

Hope you get your business taken care of and get back to your heart's desire soon!

Kate said...


Yes, sad but true. It's going to be HUGE, but it needs to be done.

Kate said...


I guess that being here has just addled my brain. I usually have at least one of the 2 cameras with me.

It must be the air here . . .

photowannabe said...

Happy to hear you made it to Santa Cruz safely.
Thinking of you and our nice time together.
Hope things move quickly and profitably for you so you can get back to your paradise.
Trunk or Treat went great last night probably about 6000 kids and parents. We're poophed and jsut catching up on stuff today.
Stay in touch.
Love ya!

Aeagles said...

I lived in San Luis Obispo for 6 years and in Marin for 8 in various location. I'm going back to CA at some point after I pick up my rig in TX. My former step-son lives in Santa Cruz. I guess I'll have to deal with those roads...