Monday, October 18, 2010

A continuation of our travels around Capitol Reef

We were having a bit of a time finding drives due to an unseasonably large storm a few days before. Since many of the roads and scenic drives in the Park are unpaved dirt, big rains close many of them down.

We had hoped to do a drive called the Waterpocket Fold/Burr Trail, only to find the road impassable. We made a valiant attempt, but a three foot drop off was more than we were willing to try, even with our four wheel drive, so we turned around.

Earlier we had passed a road marker for the town of Notom, which seemed to have disappeared up into its own existence some time ago. There was no sign of the town, but we noticed a sign for the Notom Ranch Bed and Breakfast. So once again, we were off on an adventure.

We found the B&B
sitting up on a hill
commanding a lovely view.
They have a small herd of buffalo,
and a very inquisitive cat.

He was into everything!

We met up with the owner, who was quite friendly and affable, and told us that if we wanted, we could just bring the motorhome on up and stay on their property. That's an invitation we may take him up on at a future date.

As we were leaving, we noticed a sign for "apples" and took off on another dirt road. At the top of the hill, we found an orchard with a self pay box and the most incredibly sweet yellow apples, half a bushel for only $5.00! In case you don't know, half a bushel amounted to one of those giant laundry soap buckets you see at Costco. What a great deal! And these were stupendous apples, so good we went back a week later and got more.

I'll close this short post
with a photo of the campground
at Capitol Reef.

And one picture
of the man in my life.

My next few entries
will be of the astounding Burr Trail.

Tomorrow, we will be leaving this area,
heading to Great Basin National Park.

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You guys sure know how to live!!!