Monday, October 18, 2010

the Burr Trail, Part 1

Ah, the Burr Trail . . .

A wondrous drive, one that should not be missed.

We started going out of Torrey, up Highway 12. Once again, this led us through the aspens.

I know I'm not supposed
to shoot in to the sun,
but I love the effect.

These aspens are so glorious,
straight and tall,
crowned with glowing leaves.

When you reach the town of Boulder,
you take a left
and head towards Long Canyon

This was my favorite part of the drive.

The cliffs contain such color,

the vistas are stunning,

it's truly glorious.

After Long Canyon,
you drop in to the valley floor.

This is my favorite shot of the day.
I'm not sure why.

This is high desert,
but I tell you, it is in no way bleak.

I'm still amazed
at the abundance of flowers.

The yellow ones are everywhere.
(Feel free to click to enlarge).

When you combine
the lush foliage
with the patterns in the rocks,
it makes for an astounding effect.

Just take a look at the road,
wandering off into the horizon . . .

Due to the recent rains,
most of the stream beds
(still moist)
had pattens that I thought
were really beautiful.

I'll end part one
of the Burr Trail with this tree.
I can't seem to pass up these trees.
Their silhouettes
always catch my eye.

I'm posting this
from the back of a Flying J
in the booming metropolis
of Scipio, Utah.

We'll spend the night here,
then tomorrow,
Great Basin National Park!

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photowannabe said...

I can hear Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World" while looking at these beautiful pictures.