Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ramblings From the Road


We traveled today, a whole one hundred and sixty miles, but still, a lot for us.

The weather in Ely was beautiful, but we had a lot of high mountain passes to go over, and since it looked like we might hit snow, we decided not to hook up the Suzuki. Terry said he wanted to drive the rig, so I drove the toad.

This isn't our usual mode of travel, but sometimes it seems the wisest thing to do.

So I'm driving along, and as always, my mind is flooded with thoughts, inspired by the ever changing scenery and the music from my iPhone.

Lately, rather than picking any song, album or artist, I just pick all the songs and hit shuffle. This gives me a varied play list that, like the scenery, engages my imagination.

When we're traveling together in the motorhome, I'm always taking pictures out the windows, 98% of which don't come out. When I drive, I don't have that luxury. But today I decided to try an experiment.

I set the Panasonic (it's much lighter than the Canon) to a three shot burst, and just shot out the window/windshield without looking at the screen or through the viewfinder. It was an interesting experiment, but most of the pictures really didn't come out very well. I completely forgot about the glare of the glass and the reflections, not to mention that the windows were less than spotless . . .

So be warned, this blog contains the many thoughts that flitter in and out of my head as I drive along, combined with some pictures that aren't as good as they should be, but still show some lovely country.

I'm looking at the amazing open skies,
imagining what it must have been like
for the pioneers.

Ghost Riders in the Sky
by Vaughn Monroe
comes on.

This kind of song seems
so apropos in this setting.
I can almost see the herd
thundering in the clouds overhead.

Next I hear Woody Guthrie.
I've written about him before,
he never fails to fire my imagination.

The beauty of this country of ours
always opens my heart.
It's an actual physical feeling.
Ain't Life Grand?

Next I hear the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band .
The phrase
"Home is anywhere
you choose to put your heart.
So be it."
Perfect phrase and perfectly true.
(and actually a John Denver song.)

As I drive behind Cholula Red,
once again, I'm struck
by what a very good looking motorhome
Lazy Daze has built for us.
We see literally thousands
of motorhomes, trailers,
campers and fifth wheels.

In my opinion,
none of them is as good looking
as the Lazy Daze.

But then I'm prejudiced
by how very reliable
this rig has been for us.
Not to mention the way
it has enhanced our lives.

She's a beauty.

Cole Porter comes on the play list.
Once again,
I'm enthralled by his talent.
The ability to write music
combined with smart lyrics,
what a talent.

Then, a song from
Judy at Carnegie Hall
comes on.
Immediately I know
that this is the music for today.
I take the iPhone off shuffle
and start the concert.

This is the music I love.
Great melodies,
words that stir the soul.
It's magic.

Next I hear
It's Almost Like Being in Love.
That song just knocks me out,
it has joy written into the lyrics.

My favorite is the Gene Kelly rendition
but Judy's version is right up there.

The concert winds down
right before we reach Austin, Nevada.

We pull into a small RV Park
(run by the local Baptist Church)
just as the snow starts to fall.

But it's all right,
we're safe and snug in Cholula Red.


Cruzin2some said...

Pictures look great!

Travel Safe

CeiPui said...

Oh I LOVE the photos, pretty scenery, make me want to be out there RV'ing NOW!

Malone said...

Thanks for taking me on a road trip, Kate. Reminded me of the days when music and the road and the expanding scenery was all I needed. ahhhhhhh,. a litle glare here and there, so what, the feeling of the road came through wonderfully

Aeagles said...

I want your playlists! Photos are amazing as usual.