Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've Looked at Clouds . . .

I have a whole other blog I was working on last night about music on the road, but the truth is, it needs a lot of work.

We're sitting in the parking lot of Boomtown, right outside of Reno, so I guess today will be the day we finally re-enter California . . .

VERY mixed feelings, but it has to be done.

Not in so much of a hurry to get back to the house, we will be visiting old friends we haven't seen for some time in the Sacramento area.

Then who knows.

I've decided that instead of taking a lot of time to finish the music blog, I'll just go backwards a bit and post some more pictures from the road.

It was a gorgeous day and it wasn't till I looked at them in the computer that I realized that once again, I'm taking pictures of clouds.

While I tend to think of myself as a sort of amateur landscape photographer, I guess a more precise name would be a cloud photographer.

They always seem to be included in the pictures I take.

Without too much comment,
enjoy the drive between Baker and Ely.

The snow on the mountains,
one of the reasons we didn't stay at
Great Basin National Park.
Another time.

The color on the hills,
it's fading fast.

Everyone says Nevada is so barren,
but that wasn't my impression.

But then I'm in love with the desert

We took a slight detour
to look at Cave Lake State Park.
Beautiful area,
but we wanted hookups
due to the cold.


More Clouds . . .

Whenever I see these,
I'm reminded
of the sentinels in the original
Planet of the Apes.
What would visitors from the future
make of these giants
straddling the land?

Down the road.

My beloved cloud shadows.
Will I see these in California?
I think not.

I'll get back to you soon.

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meowmomma... said...

love the five clouds in a neat little row... #3