Monday, October 4, 2010

Ramblings . . .

Once again, I'm behind in posting.

There's just too much to see and do here to take the time to process all the photos and get the blog up to date.

I guess I must accept that I'll be behind in blogging for a while.

We've been busy exploring Capitol Reef, what a place! We've been driving, hiking (a bit), meeting new friends, VERY busy, especially for us.

So instead of going into a lot of detail, I'll just post a few pictures and tell you one story at the very end.

If you look really closely
in the lower center of this shot
you'll see Terry
(I stole this picture idea from
Laurie and Odel).

The day ended
with another rainbow.

And now for the story . . .
This morning,
we heard a huge thump,
usually an indication
of a bird flying into the rig.
We looked out
and saw a large bird in the yard.
I grabbed the camera
and got this shot.

Only after looking at the photo
did we realize that this bird
hadn't flown into the rig,
but most likely
had snatched his prey
from off the rig itself.

It's a cold cruel world out there.

Glad we're safe and sound
in Cholula Red.


CeiPui said...

I LOVE the rainbow shot!

Aeagles said...

Someone said "it's a restaurant out there!"

photowannabe said...

Truly master artistry. The skies and mountains just glow. I love the one of the storm moving in.
Terrific shot of the survival of the fittest.

Malone said...

Kate, your comment about keeping up the blog made me laugh. While we were on the road during this last trip, I felt like I never had a minute's rest, trying to keep up the blog! It was fun, and I have a way to remember what I did, but I so identified with that feeling of feeling behind! Great photos, as usual