Saturday, October 23, 2010

the Pioneer Register

First off, please let me know what you think of the new template for the blog.

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It's been suggested that another background might make my pictures stand out a bit more, so I'm trying this new layout. Please let me know what you think.

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As you may have gathered, Capitol Reef was a revelation to both of us.

Everything in this park is huge, and there is so much to do, it seems like you would have to stay for months in order to experience it all. The combination of the light and the rocks will fire your imagination like nowhere else I've experienced.

As we wandered around, we found ourselves imagining all kinds of things, inspired by the rock formations and the play of light across them.

One of our favorite spots at Capitol Reef is simply called the Scenic Drive. It wanders some ten miles right outside the campground, and we visited it more than any other place in the park.

The Scenic Drive follows the original road that the pioneers used to enter the valley. At the Visitors Center you can see some great photos of Model Ts meandering through the narrow valleys.

The scenic drive ends in a hiking path called the Pioneer Register. It's called this because over the years, different folks engraved their names on the valley walls.

It's a lovely walk, and if you can only take one of the drive/hikes in the park, this is the one I recommend.

Once again, with minimal comments, here's my very last photo album from Capitol Reef.

all photos are clickable
for larger versions.

Here's the entry to the Register.

If you look closely near the top,
you can see a set of signatures.
We had to wonder
how they got so far up there!

Here's a closeup
of these first signatures.

I always enjoy the flowers.

This is the first "narrow"
enlarge it and look in the red square.

These holes permeate Capitol Reef.
We made up stories
about them being a written language
left here by aliens
millions of years ago.

The patterns in these rocks
are unlike any I've seen anywhere else.

More patterns,
this one is my favorite.

More Pioneer signatures.

This signature is the fanciest.
Must have taken quite a while to
scratch this into these rocks.

I love the way these narrows
frame the sky.

Black and white.

More patterns.

The sun was just setting
behind this rock.

A bit too much manipulation,
but I like the results.

There are also petroglyphs
in the Pioneer Register.

We had started
kind of late in the day.

But that meant
there were wonderful shadows.

Perfect for photography.

More Black and White.

Look at these patterns!

More shadows.
They change the look
of the canyon walls

Even back in these small canyons,
plants thrive.

There are also lots of trees
back in the canyons.
The green against the red walls,

More holes.
You can stand back
and see hundreds of pictures
in these rocks.

Faces, dinosaurs,
the mind races.

It is truly magical.

One final shadow shot.
Take the trip,
you wont regret it.


Jonna said...

I admit, I'm not fond of the black background and white print. It's something that always irritates me on blogs that use it, not sure why but I just think it is difficult to read and well... ugly.

Your pictures are beautiful though, it's a marvelous place. I love all the early graffiti, we saw a lot of it as well. It's something in humans that makes them want to write on the walls and let the world know they were there.

E Squared and Mui said...

I personally prefer black as the background for photographs; you might try pale gray for the text though (less harsh on the eyes).

Aeagles said...

I like the new blog template better than the old one. It does show off the pictures better. I think the contrast could be softened a bit although I don't have a suggestion as to how. I find the contrast to be good and yet I wish there was a buffer in there too.

Douglas Koss said...

Some very nice pictures again. The black background really makes them POP, however reading the white on black can get really annoying and creates eye strain. Could you maybe frame the pics in a large black boarder and retain the black on white for the writing? No matter what we like it! Warm Wishes from Doug, Beth and Heidi

Malone said...

I see some folks think as I do, the black background makes the pictures look great, but when I first checked in to your blog, it seemed so, well, stark. The bottom line, however, is what YOU like! I think this blogging thing is all about self expression. You do that so well with your photos, Kate, and the rest is supposed to be about you first, and then others. Really, you can't please everyone all the time, and some people none of the time! Keep playing with it till it feels good to you.

meowmomma... said...

The photo's are beautiful as always! But, I have to say I prefer the old format! Too much black I think...